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Olimex LTD
STM32F405RGT6 Evaluation Board
Olimex LTD
STM32F407 Evaluation Board STM32-E407
Olimex LTD
STM32F407 Evaluation Board STM32-H407
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STM32F407 Evaluation Board STM32-E407

STM32-E407 Development Board for STM32F407ZGT6 Cortex®-M4 Microcontroller with Ethernet, USB Host, USB-OTG

Olimex LTD

The STM32-E407 is an evaluation board for STM32F407.

Product Description

STM-E407 is entry board for developing custom applications with STM32F407ZGT6 Cortex M4 microcontrollers from ST. This board has plenty of resources and all GPIO ports are available on extension connectors, ARDUINO compatible platform connector is also available.

  • STM32F407ZGT6 Cortex-M4 210DMIPS, 1MB Flash, 196KB RAM, 3 × 12-bit 2.4 MSPS A/D, 2 × 12-bit D/A converters, USB OTG FS and USB OTG HS, Ethernet, 14 timers, 3 × SPI, 3 × I²C, Ethernet, 2 CANs, 3 × 12 bit ADCs, 2 × 12 bit DACs, 114 GPIOs, Camera interface
  • JTAG connector with ARM 2×10 pin layout for programming/debugging
  • Ethernet 100Mbit
  • UEXT connector
  • USB host
  • SD-card
  • Input DCDC power supply which allows operation from 6-16VDC source
  • Power and User LEDs
  • Reset and User buttons
  • 4 full 20-pin Ports with the external memory bus for add-on modules
  • Arduino platform with unsoldered headers
  • 4 rubber pads for the mount holes
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0.062"), soldermask, silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions: 101.6 × 86mm (4 × 3.4")
  • Board Type:Evaluation Platform
  • Contents:Board(s), Accessories
  • Core Processor:ARM® Cortex®-M4
  • For Use With/Related Products:STM32F407ZGT6
  • Mounting Type:Fixed
  • Type:MCU 32-Bit
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Olimex LTD's STM32F407 Evaluation Board STM32-E407 MCU