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Bud Industries
RR Series
Bud Industries
Sloping Panel Prestige Cabinet
Bud Industries
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Sloping Panel Prestige Cabinet

Small Metal Electronics Enclosure

Bud Industries

Hinged top with ventilating slots in rear opens completely. Remove 19" panels by simply removing panel trim bar.

Product Training Modules:
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Plastic snap-in handles
  • Color:Gray
  • Dimensions - Overall:16.250" L x 22.000" W x 14.781" H (412.75mm x 558.80mm x 375.44mm)
  • Dimensions - Panel:9.312" L x 17.937" W x 14.000" H (236.52mm x 455.60mm x 355.60mm)
  • Door:Doorless
  • Features:Removable Sides
  • Material:Metal, Steel
  • Mounting Rails:One Pair
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Style:Enclosed, Bottom, Sides, Top
  • Type:Sloping Panel Prestige Cabinet
  • Ventilation:Back
  • Weight:29 lbs (13.2kg)

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C-1557C-1557CABINET SLOPING PANEL PRESTIGE 9.312" L x 17.937" W x 14.000" H (236.52mm x 455.60mm x 355.60mm)16.250" L x 22.000" W x 14.781" H (412.75mm x 558.80mm x 375.44mm)Metal, SteelRemovable SidesRoHS

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