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Molex, LLC
QSFP Cable Assemblies
Molex, LLC
Serial ATA Cable Assemblies
Molex, LLC
SFP and SFP+ Cable Assemblies
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Serial ATA Cable Assemblies

18 AWG to 26 AWG, Serial ATA Cable Assemblies

Molex, LLC

  • Cable Connectors:SATA
  • Current - Max/Contact:1.5A
  • Number of Positions:7 ~ 15
  • Wire Gauge:18 AWG ~ 26 AWG

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08875114100887511410SATA POWER CABLE 1.5M TYPE G/F SATA15Receptacle to Individual WiresFemale to PigtailRoHS
06856100140685610014CABLE SERIAL ATA .5M LATCH 7POS SATA7Receptacle to ReceptacleFemale to FemaleRoHS
08875053100887505310SERIAL ATA SIGNAL CABLE .5M GREYSATA7Receptacle to ReceptacleFemale to FemaleRoHS
08875053180887505318SERIAL ATA SIGNAL CABLE .5M RED SATA7Receptacle to ReceptacleFemale to FemaleRoHS
08875054180887505418SATA SIGNAL CABLE 1M RED SATA7Receptacle to ReceptacleFemale to FemaleRoHS

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Molex, LLC's Serial ATA Cable Assemblies Pluggable