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Littelfuse Inc.
POLYFUSE® 600R Series
Littelfuse Inc.
POLYFUSE® 60R Series
Littelfuse Inc.
POLYFUSE® 72R Series

POLYFUSE® 60R Series

PTC Resettable Devices Radial Leaded

Littelfuse Inc.

The 60R series radial leaded device is designed to provide overcurrent protection for (60V) applications where space is not a concern and resettable protection is preferred.

  • Fast time to trip
  • Cured, flame retardant epoxy polymer insulating material meets UL 94V-0 requirements
  • USB hubs, ports, and peripherals
  • IEEE1394 ports
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Motor protection
  • General electronics
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial controls
  • Transformers
  • Current - Hold (Ih) (Max):100mA ~ 3.75A
  • Current - Max:40A
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Package / Case:Radial, Disc
  • Voltage - Max:60V

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60R020XPR60R020XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 200MA RADIAL 60V40A200mA400mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R025XPR60R025XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 250MA RADIAL 60V40A250mA500mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R030XPR60R030XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 300MA RADIAL 60V40A300mA600mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R010XPR60R010XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 100MA RADIAL 60V40A100mA200mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R040XPR60R040XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 400MA RADIAL 60V40A400mA800mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R050XPR60R050XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 500MA RADIAL 60V40A500mA1ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R075XPR60R075XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 750MA RADIAL 60V40A750mA1.5ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R090XPR60R090XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 900MA RADIAL 60V40A900mA1.8ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R110XMR60R110XMRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 1.1A RADIAL 60V40A1.1A2.2ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R185XMR60R185XMRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 1.85A RADIAL 60V40A1.85A3.7ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R020XU60R020XUPTC .20A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A200mA400mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R040XU60R040XUPTC .40A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A400mA800mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R050XU60R050XUPTC .50A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A500mA1ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R090XU60R090XUPTC .90A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A900mA1.8ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R110XU60R110XUPTC 1.10A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A1.1A2.2ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R065XPR60R065XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 650MA RADIAL 60V40A650mA1.3ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R135XMR60R135XMRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 1.35A RADIAL 60V40A1.35A2.7ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R160XMR60R160XMRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 1.6A RADIAL 60V40A1.6A3.2ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R250XMR60R250XMRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 2.50A KINKAMO60V40A2.5A5ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R017XU60R017XUPTC .17A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A170mA340mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R025XU60R025XUPTC .25A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A250mA500mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R030XU60R030XUPTC .30A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A300mA600mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R010XU60R010XUPTC .1A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A100mA200mARadial, DiscRoHS
60R065XU60R065XUPTC .65A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A650mA1.3ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R075XU60R075XUPTC .75A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A750mA1.5ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R135XF60R135XFPTC 1.35A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A1.35A2.7ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R160XF60R160XFPTC 1.60A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A1.6A3.2ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R185XF60R185XFPTC 1.85A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A1.85A3.7ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R250XF60R250XFPTC 2.50A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A2.5A5ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R375XH60R375XHPTC 3.75A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A3.75A7.5ARadial, DiscRoHS
60R017XPR60R017XPRPTC RESETTABLE 60V 170MA RADIAL 60V40A170mA-Radial, DiscRoHS
60R300XF60R300XFPTC 3.00A 60V RESETTABLE KINK 60V40A3A6ARadial, DiscRoHS

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