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Nordic Semiconductor ASA
nRF9E5 Evaluation Kit
Nordic Semiconductor ASA
nRFgo Starter Kit
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nRFgo Starter Kit

NRF6700 nRFgo Starter Kit

Nordic Semiconductor ASA

The nRFgo Starter Kit is the core of the nRFgo evaluation and development platform for Nordic ultra low power radios. Used in conjunction with any nRFgo compatible development kit, the Starter Kit enables engineers to perform quick evaluation, prototyping and firmware development. The kit includes two motherboards, a display extension module, patch cables and a CD with nRFgo Studio PC application and documentation. The motherboards include a standardized socket for Nordic radio modules. Radio modules are not included in the kit, but provided separately as part of product specific nRFgo compatible development kits.

  • Generic evaluation and development platform for Nordic ultra low power radios
  • Built-in support for nRFProbe hardware debug solution for Nordic radios with embedded microcontrollers
  • Two motherboards with standard socket for nRFgo radio modules
  • USB, RS232, ISP and hardware debug interfaces
  • Multiple power supply options: battery, external supply and USB
  • Multiple I/O ports and buttons for prototyping
  • On-board flash I/O controller provides USB interface to PC
  • Upgradable board firmware
  • Four 10-wire patch cables and eight 2-wire patch cables included in the kit
  • Seven segment status LED for board ID
  • Battery pack for three AAA batteries
  • Extension module socket for advanced prototyping
  • One nRFgo Display extension module with 16x2 alphanumeric display and joystick
  • nRFgo Studio for RF evaluation and testing
  • Auto detection and hot plugging of nRFgo radio modules
  • Rich set of configurable RF and link tests
  • Easy access to available radio module configurations
  • Comprehensive set of documentation
  • Two nRFgo Motherboards
  • One nRFgo display extension module
  • Eight 2-wire patch cables
  • Four 10-wire patch cables
  • Two mini-B standard-A USB cables
  • Printed Getting Started Guide
  • Installation CD with nRFgo Studio and documentation
  • Supplied Contents:3 Boards, Cables, Software
  • Type:Transceiver
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Nordic Semiconductor ASA's nRFgo Starter Kit Evaluation, Development Kits, Boards