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Nano130 Evaluation Board
Nano130 Evaluation Board Nu-LB Nano130
NUC200 Evaluation Board NuTiny-SDK-NUC200

Nano130 Evaluation Board Nu-LB Nano130

Nu-LB Nano 130, NuMicro™ Nano 130 Series Learning Board

The Nu-LB-Nano130 is built around the NuMicro™Nano130 MCU and provides versatile external devices such as one SPI flash for data storage, one SD card slot supported by SPI port1, one I²C interface serial EEPROM, one UART port with a RS-232 level shifter for console connection (UART0) and one 5-pin SWD interface for ICE debugging.

  • NuMicro™ Nano130 MCU, which can run up to to 32 MHz operating speed
  • GPIO extension slots that support all the GPI/O pins interface
  • On-board WAU8822 audio codec
  • On-board 24LC64 I²C E²PROM
  • On-board 25Q16 SPI serial FLASH for data store
  • UART port0 connecting to Male type DSUB-9 connector
  • One SD card slot supported by SPI port1
  • One Smart card slot supported by SMC port1
  • On-board ICE bridge parts
  • One 5-pin SWD ICE port for ICE connection
  • Supports TN/STN LCD glass and TFT LCM module
  • 5 -key slider and 2-key touch pads onboard
  • 5V/1A power adapter input
  • A 5V to 3.3V/1A LDO that supports Nano130 and on board devices
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Nano130 Evaluation Board Nu-LB Nano130 MCU