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RF Solutions
RF Solutions
N-Type to N-Type
RF Solutions
RP-SMA to N-Type
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N-Type to N-Type

Shielded, N-Type to N-Type, Cable Assemblies

RF Solutions

CDF 200, N-Type cable assemblies.

  • 1st Connector:N Male Plug
  • Color:Black
  • Features:Shielded
  • Length:39.4" (1000.0mm)
  • Style:N-Type to N-Type

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CBA-NF-NM1CBA-NF-NM1CABLE ASSY N MALE-N FEM 1000MM Female to MaleN-Type to N-TypeN Male PlugN Female JackRoHS
CBA-NM-NM1CBA-NM-NM1CABLE ASSY N MALE-N MALE 1000MM Male to MaleN-Type to N-TypeN Male PlugN Male PlugRoHS

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RF Solutions's N-Type to N-Type Coaxial, RF