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MN63Y1208 Antenna Board
Panasonic Electronic Components
MN63Y1210A Antenna Board
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MN63Y1208 Antenna Board

NFC-TAG-MN63Y1208 Antenna Board for the MN63Y1208 NFC Tag LSI with Built-in FeRAM

Panasonic Electronic Components

The MN63Y1208 is an NFC tag LSI, which is compliant with the NFC forum specification. The built-in fast, low-power non-volatile memory (FeRAM) allows for stable non-contact communication even while no external power is supplied. Additionally, AES communication encryption and access restriction by authentication ensure high security. It is housed in a small QFN package and has a serial interface operating at 1.7V, allowing small, low-power applications.

  • For Use With/Related Products:MN63Y1208
  • Frequency:13.56MHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board
  • Type:Near Field Communication
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Panasonic Electronic Components's MN63Y1208 Antenna Board Evaluation, Development Kits, Boards