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MLX90121 Evaluation Boards
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MLX90121 Evaluation Boards

DVK90121, EVB90121 and DEMO90121LR RFID Evaluation Boards

Melexis Technologies NV

The DVK90121 and EVB90121 evaluation boards allow the evaluation of the MLX90121 13.56MHz RFID transceiver IC. The DEMO90121LR is a turnkey contactless long range reader example based on the MLX90121.

Product Description

The development kit DVK90121 has been developed by Melexis to create specific applications using ISO 13.56MHz protocols and to evaluate the advantages and the high flexibility of the MLX90121 13.56MHz multi-norms RFID transceiver.

The DVK90121 consists of the evaluation board EVB90121 connected to the universal development board, which contains the firmware for the communication with the MLX90121 and the communication with a computer through the RS232 serial interface.

A software interface software, UT121, developed by Melexis, allows the user to control the communication by initializing the MLX90121 device, sending specific commands and receiving the corresponding reply.


The EVB90121 is an assembled module that allows to evaluate the advantages of the MLX90121 13MHz transceiver IC and to facilitate the development of RFID applications.

The board voltage is supplied by a jack connector from 6 to 9 Volts DC. The internal power supply of the board can be chosen between 3 Volts and 5 Volts DC by putting the corresponding jumper up or down. A suppression choke reduces the supply noise.

The matching network can be adjusted through CV1 capacitor and thus can be optimized to transmit full electromagnetic power up to 200mWatt to a 50-ohm load antenna connected on a SMA connector.

All digital inputs/outputs from the MLX90121 are connected to a standard 10 pins connector. This allows easy connection to a microcontroller.


The DEMO90121LR is a turnkey contactless long range reader example based on the RFID transceiver IC MLX90121. Once set up, it can inventory and access ISO15693 compliant tags and cards by sending corresponding commands.

The DEMO90121LR is connected to a computer through its RS232 serial interface. The Melexis user interface program UT121 can be used for easy and fast evaluation of the demonstrator.

The form factor is minimized to demonstrate the high level of integration allowed by the MLX90121.

Complete schematics, bill of material and layout are annexed to the User Manual allowing a fast start for development work. Source code of the firmware is based on the FW90121 library and is available on the CD ROM provided with the DEMO90121LR.

This device is based on ISO15693 RFID standard, maximizing the operating distance.

DVK90121 Features:
  • Standard ISO communications
  • User interface software
  • RS232 serial communication
  • Dedicated instruction set
  • 6 to 9 volts supply compliant
DVK90121 RFID Evaluation Board Contents:
  • Evaluation board EVB90121 with its specific antenna
  • Universal development board
  • RS232 and flat cables for PC and EVB90121 connections
  • Disk set consisting of the UT121 software and associated documentation
EVB90121 Features:
  • Output power up to 200 milliwatts
  • Complies with standard ISO15693 and ISO 14443 protocols
  • Programmable encoder for custom protocol
  • Short to medium reading range applications
  • Matching network optimized for 50 ohm antenna impedance
  • 10 pins connector for communication with a microcontroller
  • Board voltage supplied by a jack connector from 6 to 9 Volts DC
  • Internal power supply of the board between 3 Volts and 5 Volts DC
DEMO90121LR Features:
  • Output power of 1 Watt
  • Supports ISO15693 international standard
  • RS232 communication
DEMO90121LR RFID Long Range Reader Evaluation Board Contents:
  • RFID Reader Board
  • Board antenna
  • 3 Transponder Inlays ISO15693
  • Power supply block with adaptor
  • Serial cable RS232
  • CD with firmware and documentation
  • Asset tracking
  • Library’s book inventory control
  • Bicycle rental checkout
  • Freight identification systems
  • Smart labels and write systems
  • Access control systems
  • For Use With/Related Products:MLX90121
  • Frequency:13.56MHz
  • Type:Transceiver

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