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MINI Series - 24W, 30W
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MINI Series - 24W, 30W

24W, 30W Closed Frame DIN Rail Supplies Single Output

Phoenix Contact

The MINI series are 24W and 30W extremely slim power supplies. The series provides flexibility and are easy to maintain. The MINI series is usable worldwide and provides voltages outputs from 12 to 24V.

Product Description

A reliable starting of complex loads is ensured by a power reserve of up to 100% - the POWER BOOST. The high operational reliability is thus dependably guaranteed in complex global networks as well. MINI POWER also functions in applications where static voltage dips, transient failures of the supply voltage or phase failure are to be expected. Generously dimensioned capacitors guarantee a mains buffering of more than 20ms under full load.

Worldwide use is realized by the consistent implementation of a wide-range input. In this way, your whole system can be tested at any manufacturing location in the world and be delivered to global destinations without switching over the input voltage, often a source of faults. This saves storage costs and reduces the logistical work. An international approval package including UL 60950 for information technology equipment and UL 508 for industrial regulating devices pave the way for worldwide applications.

  • Reliable power supply unit even at high ambient temperatures
  • Reliable starting of difficult loads with static POWER BOOST power reserve
  • Can be used worldwide in all industrial sectors due to a wide range input and an international approval package
  • High operating safety due to long mains buffering under full load and high MTBF (>500,000h)
  • Easy-maintenance connections thanks to keyed COMBICON plug-in connectors
  • Remote monitoring of output voltage via switching output
  • Applications:ITE (Commercial)
  • Approvals:cULus, cURus
  • Current - Output (Max):1A ~ 2A
  • Efficiency:80% ~ 86%
  • Features:Adjustable Output, Load Sharing, PFC, Universal Input
  • Mounting Type:DIN Rail
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Operating Temperature:-25°C ~ 70°C (With Derating)
  • Power (Watts):24W ~ 30W
  • Power (Watts) - Max:24W ~ 30W
  • Type:Enclosed
  • Voltage - Input:100 ~ 240 VAC
  • Voltage - Isolation:4kV (4000V)
  • Voltage - Output 1:12V ~ 24V
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Phoenix Contact's MINI Series - 24W, 30W 21W to 30W