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Wafer Mapping Sensor

Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales

The M-DW1 wafer-mapping sensor is a perfect alternative to laser wafer-mapping solutions. By employing a safe LED light source, extra safety considerations that are associated with laser type products are eliminated. A two segment receiving element ensures accurate edge detection regardless of thickness or shape. Also, the wavelength band of the LED light source is wide enough to accurately detect a number of different wafer types such as glass or nitride-coated wafers. Lastly, the M-DW1 has a 0.5ms response time allowing use in high-speed operations.

  • Features:LED
  • Output Configuration:NPN/PNP - Dark-ON/Light-ON - Selectable
  • Package / Case:Wafer
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Sensing Distance:1.181" (30mm)
  • Sensing Method:Reflective
  • Sensing Object:Wafer
  • Voltage - Supply:12 V ~ 24 V
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Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales's M-DW1 Logic Output