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LF RFID Evaluation Kit
DLP Design Inc.
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LF RFID Evaluation Kit

ATA2270-EK2 Evaluation Kit


This self-contained introduction kit for RFID systems for designers with little prior RFID experience includes an LCD and control buttons to interact with the RFID system. The kit supports Atmel e5530/TK5530, T5551/TK5551, ATA5567 (T5557), ATA5570, ATA5575, ATA5577, and ATA5558 IDIC®s and the EM4095. For more in-depth evaluation purposes, a GUI (graphical user interface) is available and allows to configure the tags into all available modulation and coding schemes. The combination of source code, building blocks, and reference designs let designers to quickly evaluate and prototype complete system-level designs. The kit supports all standard Atmel AVR development tools such as AVR Studio®, STK500, JTAGICE mkII, and more.

  • Large 128x64 graphic LCD with backlighting
  • Four-way joystick with center press
  • Four configurable push buttons
  • Plug-in connectors accept modular RFID reader boards
  • 9V-16V power supply with reverse polarity protection
  • 3V battery backup circuit to preserve real-time clock function
  • Soft-power switch to shutdown system for battery operation
  • Fully compatible AVR tools interface connectors (JTAG/ISP)
Kit Contents:
  • The reader system
    • An Atmel® ATA2270-EK2 mainboard (1)
    • An Atmel ATAB4095A-U1.1 reader board (1)
    • A 125/134.2kHz RFID antenna coil (1)
    • Universal power supply
    • A USB-to-RS232 serial converter
  • Sample tags
    • Atmel ATA5577M1330C-PP
    • Atmel ATA5577M1330-PAE (NOA3S micromodule)
    • The Atmel ATA5575M2 animal ID tag
    • The Atmel ATA5577 ISO card
    • The Atmel ATA5575M1 ISO card
    • The Atmel ATA5577 key fob
    • The Atmel ATA5577 coin tag
  • For Use With/Related Products:ATA55xx, ATA6286, e5530, T55xx, TK55xx
  • Frequency:125kHz, 134.2kHz
  • Supplied Contents:2 Boards, Cables, Power Supply, Samples
  • Type:Read/Write

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ATA2270-EK2ATA2270-EK2KIT EVAL LF RFID READER Read/Write125kHz, 134.2kHzATA55xx, ATA6286, e5530, T55xx, TK55xx2 Boards, Cables, Power Supply, SamplesRoHS

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