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Cymbet Corporation
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division


IXOLAR™ High Efficiency SolarBIT and SolarMD


IXOLAR™; SolarBIT and SolarMD is an IXYS product line of Solar Module made of monocrystalline, high efficiency solar cells. They are ideal for charging various battery powered and handheld consumer products such as mobile phones, cameras, PDAs, MP3-Players and toys. They are also suitable for industrial applications such as wireless sensors, portable instrumentation and for charging emergency backup batteries.

Product Description

With a cell efficiency of typically 22%, it gives the ability to extend run time even in "low light" conditions and increase battery life and run time in a small footprint, which can be easily accommodated in the design of portable products. The design allows flexibly in series and/or parallel to perfectly meet the custom-specific application’s power requirements.

  • Monocrystalline silicon technology
  • High efficiency outdoor and indoor
  • Long life and stable output
  • Sealed Package
  • High mechanical robustness
  • Battery chargers for portables such as cell
  • Phones, PDAs, GPS-systems
  • "Green" electricity generation
  • Power backup for UPS, sensors, wearables
  • Current @ Pmpp:3.8mA ~ 178mA
  • Current Short Circuit (Isc):4.4mA ~ 200mA
  • Type:Monocrystalline
  • Voltage - Open Circuit:630mV ~ 7.56V
  • Voltage @ Pmpp:500mV ~ 6.06V

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SLMD480H12LSLMD480H12LMONO SOLAR CELL 35MM X 22MM *18mA6.06V20mACell (12)RoHS
SLMD121H10LSLMD121H10LMONO SOLAR CELL 42MM X 35MM *44.6mA5.01V50mACell (10)RoHS
SLMD481H10LSLMD481H10LMONO SOLAR CELL 89MM X 67MM *178mA5V200mACell (20)RoHS
SLMD600H10LSLMD600H10LMONO SOLAR CELL 22MM X 35MM *22.3mA5.01V25mACell (10)RoHS
SLMD121H08LSLMD121H08LMONO SOLAR CELL 86MM X 14MM *44.6mA4V50mACell (8)RoHS
SLMD481H08LSLMD481H08LMONO SOLAR CELL 89MM X 55MM *178mA4V200mACell (16)RoHS
SLMD481H12LSLMD481H12LMONO SOLAR CELL 90MM X 79MM *178mA6.06V200mACell (12)RoHS
SLMD121H04LSLMD121H04LMONO SOLAR CELL 43MM X 14MM *44.6mA2V50mACell (4)RoHS
SLMD960H12LSLMD960H12LMONO SOLAR CELL 42MM X 35MM *36mA6.06V40mACell (12)RoHS
SLMD121H9LSLMD121H9LMONO SOLAR CELL 62MM X 21MM -44.6mA4.5V50mACell (9)RoHS
KXOB22-12X1LKXOB22-12X1LMONO SOLAR CELL 22MM X 7MM -44.6mA500mV50mACellsRoHS
KXOB22-04X3LKXOB22-04X3LMONO SOLAR CELL 22MM X 7MM -13.38mA1.5V15mACellsRoHS
KXOB22-01X8LKXOB22-01X8LMONO SOLAR CELL 22MM X 7MM -3.8mA3.4V4.4mACell (8)RoHS

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IXYS's IXOLAR™ Solar Cells