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Industrial Controls, Meters Accessories
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Industrial Controls, Meters Accessories

Industrial Controls, Meters Accessories for C-Ton

C-TON Industries

Various products for use with C-Ton.


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LED-BLED-BBEZEL DK600 RECTANGULAR BezelDK600 SeriesRectangular 68.00mm x 32.50mm Outside DimBezel, HardwareRoHS
DLA-BEZDLA-BEZBEZEL DK630/640 SERIES RECT BezelDK630/640 SeriesRectangular 64.77mm x 32.26mm Outside DimBezel, HardwareRoHS
DK170DK170BEZEL DK170 SERIES RECTANGULAR BezelDK170 SeriesRectangular 64.50mm x 34.30mm Outside DimBezel, Brackets, Gasket, HardwareRoHS
J4C13J4C13CABLE ASSEMBLY DK540-580 DK700 Cable AssemblyDK540-580, DK700, DK710, DK740-780, DK800, DK800/900 SeriesWiring Harness, 13 Position, 26AWG-RoHS
J1C10J1C10CABLE ASSEMBLY DK110/600/610 Cable AssemblyDK110, DK600, DK610 SeriesWiring Harness, 10 Position, 26AWG, 12"-RoHS
J1C13J1C13CABLE ASSEMBLY DK170/100/300/500Cable AssemblyDK170, DK100/300, DK500 SeriesWiring Harness, 13 Position, 26AWG-RoHS
DK610DK610ENCLOSURE DK600 SERIES PANEL MNTEnclosureDK600 SeriesPanel Mount, Rectangular NEMA4, NEMA12, IP66Bezel, Bracket, Gasket, Hardware, Rear PlateRoHS

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C-TON Industries DK170 Series
Category: Test, Tools, Other Products-Industrial Controls, Meters-Panel Meters
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C-TON Industries's Industrial Controls, Meters Accessories Accessories