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HR12 Series

Contacts for HR12 Series Circular Connectors

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

26-30 AWG, socket crimp contacts.

  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Pin or Socket:Socket
  • Size:1.0mm
  • Type:Stamped
  • Wire Gauge:26-30 AWG

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HR12-SC-111HR12-SC-111CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG GOLD SocketStamped1.0mm26-30 AWGRoHS
HR12-SC-211HR12-SC-211CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG GOLD SocketStamped1.0mm26-30 AWGRoHS
HR12-SC-113HR12-SC-113CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG TIN SocketStamped1.0mm26-30 AWGRoHS
HR12-SC-112HR12-SC-112CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG SILVRSocketStamped1.0mm26-30 AWGRoHS

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Hirose Electric Co Ltd's HR12 Series Contacts