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Broadcom Limited
HDLx-2416 Series
Broadcom Limited
HDSP-211x and HDSP-250x Series
Broadcom Limited
HDSP-213x Series
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HDSP-211x and HDSP-250x Series

Eight Character 5 x 7 Smart Alphanumeric Displays

Broadcom Limited

The HDSP-211x/-250x series of products is ideal for applications where displaying eight or more characters of dot matrix information in an aesthetically pleasing manner is required. These devices are 8 digit, 5 x 7 dot matrix, alpha numeric displays and are all packaged in a standard 15.24mm (0.6 inch) 28 pin DIP.

Product Description

The on board CMOS IC has the ability to decode 128 ASCII characters which are permanently stored in ROM. In addition, 16 programmable symbols may be stored in on board ROM, allowing considerable flexibility for displaying additional symbols and icons. Seven brightness levels provide versatility in adjusting the display intensity and power consumption. The products are designed for standard microprocessor interface techniques. The display and special features are accessed through a bidirectional 8 bit data bus.

  • X and XY stackable
  • 128 character ASCII decoder
  • Programmable functions
  • 16 user definable characters
  • Multi-level dimming and blanking
  • TTL compatible CMOS IC
  • Wave solderable
  • Computer peripherals
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Medical equipment
  • Portable data entry devices
  • Cellular phones
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Configuration:5 x 7
  • Interface:Parallel, 8-Bit
  • Millicandela Rating:7.5mcd

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HDSP-2502HDSP-2502LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 7MM HE RED7.5mcd-2.79" L x 0.76" W x 0.26" H (70.87mm x 19.41mm x 6.60mm)RedRoHS
HDSP-2111HDSP-2111LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 5MM YLW 7.5mcd-1.68" L x 0.77" W x 0.21" H (42.59mm x 19.58mm x 5.31mm)YellowRoHS
HDSP-2112HDSP-2112LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 5MM HE RED7.5mcd-1.68" L x 0.77" W x 0.21" H (42.59mm x 19.58mm x 5.31mm)RedRoHS
HDSP-2113HDSP-2113LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 5MM GREEN 7.5mcd-1.68" L x 0.77" W x 0.21" H (42.59mm x 19.58mm x 5.31mm)GreenRoHS
HDSP-2503HDSP-2503LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 7MM GREEN 7.5mcd-2.79" L x 0.76" W x 0.26" H (70.87mm x 19.41mm x 6.60mm)GreenRoHS

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Broadcom Limited's HDSP-211x and HDSP-250x Series LED Dot Matrix and Cluster