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Proximity Sensor and Proximity Sensor with Integrated Ambient Light Sensor

Sharp Microelectronics

Proximity sensor contributes to touch panel false-operation counter measures, touch panel energy-saving features, function automation features. The proximity sensor with integrated the ambient light sensor boosts user convenience thanks to the screen shut-off when human presence is detected (provided by the proximity sensor), and backlight brightness control (provided by the ambient sensor).

  • Compact and thin package
  • Can even detect objects under external disturbing light from inverter fluorescent lights or other sources
  • I²C interface compatible
  • Output Type:Current
  • Package / Case:8-SMD Module
  • Sensing Distance:0.984" (25mm)
  • Sensing Object:Non-Metallic
  • Sensor Type:Infrared
  • Voltage - Supply:2.4 V ~ 3.6 V
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Sharp Microelectronics's GP2AP002x00F Proximity