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Jonard Tools
Fume Absorbers
Novec™ Flux Remover
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Fume Absorbers

Bench Top, Articulating Arm Fume Absorbers

Jonard Tools

Aerodynamic hood design effectively draws solder fumes away from the work area. Carbon filters traps up to 80% of the flux fumes. Compact size and adjust able for convenient placement near work area. An inexpensive alternative to individual fume extraction.

  • Aerodynamic hood design effectively draws irritating soldering fumes away from the work area
  • Carbon-impregnated filters trap a limited portion of the flux fumes
  • Compact size, low profile
  • Articulating arm allows optimized positioning and saves bench space (SA-91, SA91-E)
  • Static dissipative housing (SA-9-E, SA-91-E)
  • 3 filters included
  • Features:115V ~ 115V, ESD Safe
  • Includes:Filter

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SA-91SA-91FUME ABSORBER ARTICULATING 115V Fume Absorber Articulating Arm115VFilterRoHS
SA-91-ESA-91-EFUMEABSORBER ARTICULATING 115ESDFume Absorber Articulating Arm115V, ESD SafeFilterRoHS
SA-9-115SA-9-115FAN FUME ABSORBER BENCHTOP 115V Fume Absorber, Bench Top115VFilterRoHS
SA-9-E-115SA-9-E-115FAN FUME ABSORBER BENCH 115W ESDFume Absorber, Bench Top115V, ESD SafeFilterRoHS

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Jonard Tools SAF-1
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