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TE Connectivity
Free Height (FH) IEEE 1386, PMC
TE Connectivity
Free Height (FH) Series 0.50mm
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Free Height (FH) IEEE 1386, PMC

0.039" (1.00mm) Surface Mount Connectors

TE Connectivity

Tyco Electronics makes it easier and more productive to add an IEEE 1386 mezzanine connector to your system. The Free Height (FH) IEEE 1386, PMC Series surface-mount, parallel stacking, connector features contacts on a 0.039" (1.00mm) pitch and is available in eight stacking heights from 8mm to 15mm.

Product Description

As a standard for adding local PCI or Sbus performance to Futurebus+ and VMEbus applications, IEEE 1386 offers levels of performance and packaging convenience through the mezzanine architecture.

Sizes include the IEEE 1386 standard 64-position version and an optional 84-position version. Not only is the connector compatible with EIA-700 AAAB — the connector standard for IEEE 1386 mezzanine connectors — it offers several enhancements that make it easier to use and more reliable.

Increased plastic clearance between mating connectors makes it easier to align multiple connectors for mating, thus eliminating stress to the solder joints during engagement. Improved locating posts allow fast, highly accurate hand placement of connectors.

  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:30µin (0.76µm)
  • Features:Board Guide
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Positions:64
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Pitch:0.039" (1.00mm)

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5146888-15146888-1CONN PLUG 64POS 1MM FH VERT Plug, Center Strip Contacts640.039" (1.00mm)2RoHS
120527-1120527-1CONN PLUG 64 POS AU BRD/BRD 1MM Plug, Center Strip Contacts640.039" (1.00mm)2RoHS
5146895-15146895-1CONN RCPT 64POS 1MM FH VERT Receptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts640.039" (1.00mm)2RoHS
5146894-15146894-1CONN RCPT 64POS 1MM FH VERT Receptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts640.039" (1.00mm)2RoHS
5146893-15146893-1CONN RCPT 64POS 1MM FH VERT Receptacle, Outer Shroud Contacts640.039" (1.00mm)2RoHS

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TE Connectivity's Free Height (FH) IEEE 1386, PMC Arrays, Edge Type, Mezzanine