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EMMA 30W Series
CUI Inc.
ETMA 30W Series
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EMMA 30W Series

30W Medical Multi Blade Adapter Series, Wall Mount (Multi Plug)

CUI Inc.

High efficiency medical multi blade adapter series is designed for global use and comes standard with interchangeable blades for operation in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Product Description

It is offered in 15 W and 30 W configurations with a number of different output voltage options from 5 to 24 VDC. The EMMA series is ideal for customers who require a medically approved wall adapter for use around the world.

  • Up to 30W power
  • Interchangeable AC blades
  • Universal input
  • Single regulated output from 5 to 24V
  • Overvoltage and short circuit protections
  • Level V efficiency
  • Applications:Medical
  • Approvals:CE, cURus, GS
  • Current - Output (Max):1.25A ~ 4A
  • Efficiency:Level V
  • Form:Wall Mount
  • Input Connector:Multi-Blade
  • Input Type:Multi-Blade
  • No Load Power Consumption:300mW (Max)
  • Output Connector:Barrel Plug, 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm
  • Polarization:Positive Center
  • Power (Watts):30W
  • Power (Watts) - Max:20W ~ 30W
  • Region Utilized:International
  • Size / Dimension:4.28" L x 2.44" W x 1.45" H (108.7mm x 62.0mm x 36.7mm)
  • Voltage - Input:90 ~ 264 VAC
  • Voltage - Output:5V ~ 24V
  • Weight:0.662 lb (300.28g)

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EMMA180167-P5P-ICEMMA180167-P5P-ICAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 18V 30WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade90 ~ 264 VACRoHS
EMMA240125-P5P-ICEMMA240125-P5P-ICAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 30WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade90 ~ 264 VACRoHS
EMMA050400-P5P-ICEMMA050400-P5P-ICAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 30W InternationalWall MountMulti-Blade90 ~ 264 VACRoHS
EMMA150200-P5P-ICEMMA150200-P5P-ICAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 15V 30WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade90 ~ 264 VACRoHS
EMMA120250-P5P-ICEMMA120250-P5P-ICAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 30WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade90 ~ 264 VACRoHS

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CUI Inc.'s EMMA 30W Series 21W to 30W