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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Dynamic 3000 Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Dynamic 3200 Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Dynamic 3400 Series

Dynamic 3200 Series

0.200" (5.08mm) Pitch Free Hanging and Panel Mount Connectors, Plug and Receptacle Housings

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Housings for the Dynamic 3200 series.

  • Color:Black
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Features:Polarizing Key
  • Note:Contacts Not Provided
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 20
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Pitch:0.200" (5.08mm)
  • Row Spacing:0.300" (7.62mm)

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1-179553-31-179553-3CONN HOUSING TAB 3POS KEY-X PANLPlugMale Pin30.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179553-32-179553-3CONN HOUSING TAB 3POS KEY-Y PANLPlugMale Pin30.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179552-21-179552-2CONN HOUSING TAB 2POS KEY-X FREEPlugMale Pin20.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179552-42-179552-4CONN HOUSING TAB 4POS KEY-Y FREEPlugMale Pin40.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179554-31-179554-3CONN HOUSING TAB 6POS KEY-XX PlugMale Pin60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179555-31-179555-3CONN HOUSING TAB 6POS KEY-XX PNLPlugMale Pin60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179552-22-179552-2CONN HOUSING TAB 2POS KEY-Y FREEPlugMale Pin20.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179553-21-179553-2CONN HOUSING TAB 2POS KEY-X PANLPlugMale Pin20.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179553-22-179553-2CONN HOUSING TAB 2POS KEY-Y PANLPlugMale Pin20.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179553-41-179553-4CONN HOUSING TAB 4POS KEY-X PANLPlugMale Pin40.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179552-41-179552-4CONN HOUSING TAB 4POS KEY-X FREEPlugMale Pin40.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179553-42-179553-4CONN HOUSING TAB 4POS KEY-Y PANLPlugMale Pin40.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-179555-33-179555-3CONN HOUSING TAB 6POS KEY-XY PNLPlugMale Pin60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179554-61-179554-6CONN HOUSING TAB 12POS KEY-XX PlugMale Pin120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179555-32-179555-3CONN HOUSING TAB 6POS KEY-YY PNLPlugMale Pin60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-179554-63-179554-6CONN HOUSING TAB 12POS KEY-XY PlugMale Pin120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179555-81-179555-8CONN HOUSNG TAB 20POS KEY-XX PNLPlugMale Pin200.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179555-62-179555-6CONN HOUSNG TAB 12POS KEY-YY PNLPlugMale Pin120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-179555-63-179555-6CONN HOUSNG TAB 12POS KEY-XY PNLPlugMale Pin120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-179555-61-179555-6CONN HOUSNG TAB 12POS KEY-XX PNLPlugMale Pin120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-179552-32-179552-3CONN HOUSING TAB 3POS KEY-Y FREEPlugMale Pin30.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-179554-33-179554-3CONN HOUSING TAB 6POS KEY-XY PlugMale Pin60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-178128-51-178128-5CONN RECEPT 5.08 5POS KEY-X ReceptacleFemale Socket50.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-178128-42-178128-4CONN RECEPT 5.08 4POS KEY-Y ReceptacleFemale Socket40.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-178129-62-178129-6CONN RECEPT 5.08 6POS KEY-YY ReceptacleFemale Socket60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-178128-33-178128-3CONN RCPT HOUSING 3POS D-3200S ReceptacleFemale Socket30.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-917266-31-917266-3CONN RECEPT 6POS DUAL PNL MT ReceptacleFemale Socket60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-917659-51-917659-5CONN RCPT 5.08 10POS DUAL KEY-XXReceptacleFemale Socket100.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-917659-62-917659-6CONN RCPT 5.08 12POS DUAL KEY-YYReceptacleFemale Socket120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-917659-53-917659-5CONN RCPT 5.08 10POS DUAL KEY-XYReceptacleFemale Socket100.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-917659-81-917659-8CONN RCPT 5.08 20POS DUAL KEY-XXReceptacleFemale Socket200.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-178128-61-178128-6CONN RECEPT 5.08 6POS KEY-X ReceptacleFemale Socket60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-178128-62-178128-6CONN RECEPT 5.08 6POS KEY-Y ReceptacleFemale Socket60.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
2-178128-52-178128-5CONN RECEPT 5.08 5POS KEY-Y ReceptacleFemale Socket50.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
3-917659-63-917659-6CONN RCPT 5.08 12POS DUAL KEY-XYReceptacleFemale Socket120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS
1-917659-61-917659-6CONN RCPT 5.08 12POS DUAL KEY-XXReceptacleFemale Socket120.200" (5.08mm)RoHS

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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors's Dynamic 3200 Series 0.200" (5.08mm) Pitch