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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
8080 Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Diplomate DL Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
LGA 1366 Series
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Diplomate DL Series

IC Sockets

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

The Diplomate Dual Leaf (DL) DIP and SIP socket families provide superior handling characteristics.

Product Description

These stackable housings feature a "true closed bottom" design which prevents solder or flux wicking at class 1 conditions of EIA 486. Standoffs provide board clearance for proper cleaning after soldering. The Diplomate DL DIP and SIP Socket families meet the requirements of EIA RS-415, MIL-S-83734 and the most stringent specifications of main-frame computer manufacturers.

DIP and SIP Sockets
  • Dual Leaf contacts for high reliability and constant, low resistance
  • Anti-overstress prevents contact damage
SIP Sockets
  • Low profile 0.210" (5.33mm) maximum seating plane above PC board
  • Large target area with tapered lead-in ramps for easy SIP insertion
  • Stackable end-to-end and side-to-side high board density
  • Housing standoffs and slots facilitate board cleaning
  • Contact Resistance:20 mOhm ~ 30 mOhm
  • Current Rating:1A
  • Features:Open Frame
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL94 V-0
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Pitch - Mating:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Pitch - Post:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Termination:Solder
  • Type:DIP, 0.6" (15.24mm) Row Spacing

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2-641615-22-641615-2CONN IC DIP SOCKET 28POS GOLD DIP, 0.6" (15.24mm) Row Spacing28 (2 x 14)0.100" (2.54mm)Gold
1-2199299-21-2199299-228P,DIP SKT,600 CL,LDR,PB FREE DIP, 0.6" (15.24mm) Row Spacing28 (2 x 14)0.100" (2.54mm)TinRoHS
1-2199299-51-2199299-540P,DIP SKT,600 CL,LDR,PB FREE DIP, 0.6" (15.24mm) Row Spacing40 (2 x 20)0.100" (2.54mm)TinRoHS

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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors's Diplomate DL Series Sockets