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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
CPC5002 Series
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
CPC5902 Series
Sharp Microelectronics
PCD4D10SNIP0F Series
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CPC5902 Series

Optically Isolated I²C Bus Repeater

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

CPC5902 is a dual, optically isolated, bidirectional logic-bus repeater.

Product Description

CPC5902 is a dual, optically isolated, bidirectional logic-bus repeater. It galvanically isolates two open-drain logic signals, and provides a galvanic isolation of 3750Vrms. When the two sides’ supply voltages are configured with different voltages, the CPC5902 also functions as a logic level translator for levels as low as 2.7V or as high as 5.5V.

Unlike transformer or capacitive isolators, Clare’s optically isolated repeaters pass DC signals, and do not need to be clocked periodically to sustain the logic states. Buffered signals will always return to their proper value after a transient interruption on either side.

  • Bidirectional Buffers Both I²C Signals
  • Glitch-Free Operation
  • Extends and Isolates I²C Interfaces
  • Standard- and Fast-mode I²C
  • Side B Fast-mode I²C Compliant VDDB ≤4.5V
  • Very Low EM and RF Generation - No Internal Clock
  • SMBus Compatible VDDB = 3.3V
  • Operates on 2.7V to 5.5V, Enabling Level Translation
  • Slew-Limited Drivers Reduce EMI
  • Power down to Hi-Z Doesn't Load I²C
  • 3750Vrms Galvanic Isolation
  • Isolated Signal Monitoring and Control
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Power Supply High Side Interface
  • I²C Bus Length Extenders
  • I²C Logic Level Translation
  • Data Rate:400kbps
  • Input Type:DC
  • Number of Channels:2, Bi-Directional
  • Packaging:Tube
  • Supplier Device Package:8-DIP ~ 8-SMD
  • Voltage - Isolation:3750Vrms

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CPC5902GSCPC5902GSISOLAT 3.75KVRMS 2CH BIDIR 8SMD 3750Vrms2, Bi-Directional-400kbps8-SMD, Gull WingRoHS
CPC5902GCPC5902GISOLAT 3.75KVRMS 2CH BIDIR 8DIP 3750Vrms2, Bi-Directional-400kbps8-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm)RoHS

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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's CPC5902 Series 2 Channel