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Flux-Off® Rosin Flux Remover
Chip Quik Inc.
CHIPQUIK® Tacky Flux
Kester Solder

CHIPQUIK® Tacky Flux

Tacky Flux Paste in Syringes, Tubes or Jars

Chip Quik Inc.

With CHIPQUIK® and a soldering iron you can remove any SMD component safely and easily. This allows you to eliminate expensive rework equipment.

  • Non-corrosive, non conductive, no clean (SMD291's)
  • Organic water soluble (SMD4300)
  • Excellent wetting
  • Tacky flux will not run all over PCB when applied
  • Has a pleasant odor
  • Easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol
  • Used with Lead and Lead-Free applications
  • One year shelf life refrigerated - 6 months at room temperature
  • Rework, solder, desolder and reflow

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SMD291ST2CC6SMD291ST2CC6TACK FLUX 6 PACK, 2CC TUBES Flux - No Clean--Tube, 2ccRoHS
SMD291NLSMD291NLFLUX NO-CLEAN LEAD-FREE 5CC SYR Flux - No Clean Lead Free--Syringe, 5ccRoHS
SMD291SMD291FLUX NO-CLEAN 10CC SYR SMD Flux - No Clean Tacky Solder--Syringe, 10ccRoHS
SMD29130CCSMD29130CCTACK FLUX 30CC W/HANDLE & TIP Flux - No Clean Tacky Solder--Syringe, 30ccRoHS
SMD291ST8CCSMD291ST8CCTACK FLUX IN 8CC SQUEEZE TUBE Flux - No Clean Tacky Solder--Tube, 8ccRoHS
SMD291150GSMD291150GTACK FLUX 150 GRAM Flux - No Clean Tacky Solder--Can, 5.29oz (150g)RoHS
SMD29175GSMD29175GTACK FLUX 75 GRAM Flux - No Clean Tacky Solder--Can, 2.64oz (75g)RoHS
SMD4300TF10SMD4300TF10TACK FLUX 10CC WATER WASHABLE Flux - Organic Water-Soluble - LiquidShips with Cold Pack. To ensure customer satisfaction and product integrity, air shipment is recommended.-Syringe, 10ccRoHS

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