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Vishay Dale
Power Metal Strip® Series
CFR Series
10, 14A Series

CFR Series

1/6W, 1/4W and 1/2W, 5% Tolerance, Axial Leaded, Carbon Film Resistor Kits


Various resistor kits are conveniently packaged into bags of values in 5 pc or 200 pc options.

Product Description

The CFR Series carbon film resistors are manufactured by coating a homogeneous film of pure carbon on high grade ceramic rods. After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting leads of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-caps. The resistors are coated with layers of tan color lacquer.

  • Kit Type:Carbon Film
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Packages Included:Axial
  • Packaging:Bag Per Value
  • Tolerance:±5%

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RS125RS125RESISTOR KIT 1-1M 1/4W 365PCS Bag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 1M1/4WRoHS
RS225RS225RESISTR KIT 1.1-910K 1/4W 360PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1.1 ~ 910k1/4WRoHS
RS150RS150RESISTOR KIT 1-1M 1/2W 365PCS Bag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 1M1/2WRoHS
RS250RS250RESISTR KIT 1.1-910K 1/2W 360PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1.1 ~ 910k1/2WRoHS
RS112RS112RESISTOR KIT 1-1M 1/6W 365PCS Bag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 1M1/6WRoHS
RS212RS212RESISTR KIT 1.1-910K 1/6W 360PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1.1 ~ 910k1/6WRoHS
RSQ200RSQ200RESISTOR KIT 1-10M 1/4W 33800PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 10M1/4WRoHS
RSE200RSE200RESISTOR KIT 1-10M 1/6W 33800PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 10M1/6WRoHS
RSH200RSH200RESISTOR KIT 1-10M 1/2W 33800PCSBag Per ValueCarbon Film1 ~ 10M1/2WRoHS

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Associated Product
Yageo CFR-25JR-52-10K
Category: Passives-Resistors-Through Hole Resistors-Carbon Film
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Yageo's CFR Series Carbon Film