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Harwin Inc
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Keystone Electronics
Ceramic Standoffs
Keystone Electronics
Female Threaded Standoffs

Ceramic Standoffs

Ceramic Standoffs, Round, Threaded, Female/Female

Keystone Electronics

Ideal for very high temperature conditions. Exceptional strength in compression and tension. Withstands very high voltage without flashover.

  • Color:Natural
  • Gender:Female, Female
  • Material:Ceramic
  • Threaded/Unthreaded:Threaded
  • Type:Round Standoff

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77107710ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1/4"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.250" (6.35mm) 1/4"RoHS
77127712ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 3/8"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.375" (9.53mm) 3/8"RoHS
77147714ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.500" (12.70mm) 1/2"RoHS
77157715ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 3/4"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.500" (12.70mm) 1/2"RoHS
77167716ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1" Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.500" (12.70mm) 1/2"RoHS
77177717RND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1-1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.500" (12.70mm) 1/2"RoHS
77187718RND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 2-1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.500" (12.70mm) 1/2"RoHS
77197719RND STNDFF 1/4-20 CERAMIC 2-1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.750" (19.05mm) 3/4"RoHS
77207720ROUND STANDOFF 1/4-20 CERAMIC 4"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.750" (19.05mm) 3/4"RoHS
77137713ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.375" (9.53mm) 3/8"RoHS
77117711ROUND STANDOFF 6-32 CERAMIC 1/2"Round StandoffThreadedFemale, Female0.250" (6.35mm) 1/4"RoHS

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Keystone Electronics's Ceramic Standoffs Board Spacers, Standoffs