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Texas Instruments
CC Debugger Programmer Kit
Texas Instruments
CC1101 Development Kits
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CC Debugger Programmer Kit

Debugging and Programming the Flash on CCxxxx 8051-Based System-on-Chip (SoC) Devices

Texas Instruments

The PC tools available for these purposes are the SmartRF™ Flash Programmer from Texas Instruments and IAR Embedded Workbench® for 8051 from IAR Systems. When connected to the debugger, the SoC devices can be controlled directly from SmartRF™ Studio. SmartRF Studio will also be able to control supported CCxxxx RF transceivers (CC2520, CC112x, and CC11xL) when they are connected to the debugger as explained in chapter 6.3. In addition, CC Debugger is used for configuring the CC85xx devices with PurePath Wireless Configurator.

Kit Contents
  • 1 CC Debugger
  • 1 USB-A to Mini-B USB cable
  • 1 10-pin flat cable with 2x5 2.54 mm connector
  • 1 10-pin flat cable with 2x5 1.27 mm connector
  • 1 Converter board 2.54mm – 1.27 mm connector
  • Documentation
  • For Use With/Related Products:Texas Instruments SoC
  • Supplied Contents:Board, Module, Cable, Documentation
  • Type:Debugger
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