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TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity


0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Through Hole Socket Header Connectors

TE Connectivity

AMPMODU Mod II Series socket headers

  • Color:Black
  • Connector Type:Receptacle
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:30µin (0.76µm)
  • Contact Type:Female Socket
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 64
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Packaging:Tube
  • Pitch:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Row Spacing:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Termination:Solder

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535676-1535676-1CONN RECEPT 2POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket2All
535676-2535676-2CONN RECEPT 3POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket3All
535676-5535676-5CONN RECEPT 6POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket6All
6-535512-26-535512-2CONN RECEPT 6POS .100 RT/A DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket6All
5535676-35535676-3CONN RECEPT 4POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket4AllRoHS
534206-2534206-2CONN RECEPT 4POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket4All
6-5535512-26-5535512-2CONN RECEPT 6POS .100 RT/A DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
534206-1534206-1CONN RECEPT 2POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket2All
535676-4535676-4CONN RECEPT 5POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket5All
5-534206-25-534206-2CONN RECEPT 4POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket4AllRoHS
5-534206-35-534206-3CONN RECEPT 6POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
6-5535512-46-5535512-4CONN RECEPT 10POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket10AllRoHS
6-5535512-36-5535512-3CONN RECEPT 8POS .100 RT/A DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
5-534206-45-534206-4CONN RECEPT 8POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
5535676-75535676-7CONN RECEPT 8POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
534206-6534206-6CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket12All
534206-4534206-4CONN RECEPT 8POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket8All
534206-7534206-7CONN RECEPT 14POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket14All
5-534206-65-534206-6CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket12AllRoHS
534206-5534206-5CONN RECEPT 10POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket10All
1-5535512-71-5535512-7CONN RECEPT 14POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket14AllRoHS
1-535512-81-535512-8CONN RECEPT 16POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket16All
5-534206-55-534206-5CONN RECEPT 10POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket10AllRoHS
5-534206-95-534206-9CONN RECEPT 18POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket18AllRoHS
1-5535512-81-5535512-8CONN RECEPT 16POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
1-534206-01-534206-0CONN RECEPT 20POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket20All
5-534206-75-534206-7CONN RECEPT 14POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket14AllRoHS
534206-8534206-8CONN RECEPT 16POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket16All
5535512-25535512-2CONN RECEPT 20POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket20AllRoHS
5-534206-85-534206-8CONN RECEPT 16POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
2-535512-02-535512-0CONN RECEPT 26POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket26All
2-535512-12-535512-1CONN RECEPT 28POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket28All
6-534206-06-534206-0CONN RECEPT 20POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket20AllRoHS
1-534206-61-534206-6CONN RECEPT 32POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket32All
2-535512-32-535512-3CONN RECEPT 32POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket32All
1-534206-71-534206-7CONN RECEPT 34POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket34All
2-5535512-02-5535512-0CONN RECEPT 26POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket26AllRoHS
6-534206-66-534206-6CONN RECEPT 32POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket32AllRoHS
1-534206-31-534206-3CONN RECEPT 26POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket26All
1-534206-81-534206-8CONN RECEPT 36POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket36All
1-534206-51-534206-5CONN RECEPT 30POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket30All
6-534206-36-534206-3CONN RECEPT 26POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket26AllRoHS
6-534206-86-534206-8CONN RECEPT 36POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket36AllRoHS
6-534206-26-534206-2CONN RECEPT 24POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket24AllRoHS
2-534206-02-534206-0CONN RECEPT 40POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket40All
6-534206-56-534206-5CONN RECEPT 30POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket30AllRoHS
535512-4535512-4CONN RECEPT 34POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket34All
7-534206-07-534206-0CONN RECEPT 40POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket40AllRoHS
2-534206-22-534206-2CONN RECEPT 44POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket44All
7-534206-27-534206-2CONN RECEPT 44POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket44AllRoHS
6-534206-76-534206-7CONN RECEPT 34POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket34AllRoHS
3-534206-03-534206-0CONN RECEPT 60POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket60All
3-535512-03-535512-0CONN RECEPT 60POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket60All
3-534206-23-534206-2CONN RECEPT 64POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket64All
2-534206-52-534206-5CONN RECEPT 50POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket50All
8-534206-28-534206-2CONN RECEPT 64POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket64AllRoHS
8-534206-08-534206-0CONN RECEPT 60POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket60AllRoHS
5-534206-15-534206-1CONN RECEPT 2POS .100 VERT DUAL ReceptacleFemale Socket2AllRoHS
5535676-55535676-5CONN RECEPT 6POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
1-535676-11-535676-1CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 RT/ANG AUReceptacleFemale Socket12All
535676-7535676-7CONN RECEPT 8POS .100 RT/ANG AU ReceptacleFemale Socket8All
5535512-15535512-1CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket12AllRoHS
535512-1535512-1CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket12All
1-535676-51-535676-5CONN RECEPT 16POS .100 RT/ANG AUReceptacleFemale Socket16All
1-535676-31-535676-3CONN RECEPT 14POS .100 RT/ANG AUReceptacleFemale Socket14All
535512-7535512-7CONN RECEPT 50POS .100 RT/A DUALReceptacleFemale Socket50All
7-534206-57-534206-5CONN RECEPT 50POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket50AllRoHS
6-534206-46-534206-4CONN RECEPT 28POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket28AllRoHS
1-534206-21-534206-2CONN RECEPT 24POS .100 VERT DUALReceptacleFemale Socket24All

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Associated Product
TE Connectivity 104482-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors-Rectangular Connectors-Housings-0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch
TE Connectivity 5-146280-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors-Rectangular Connectors-Headers - Male Pins-0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch
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TE Connectivity's AMPMODU Mod II Series Headers - Female Sockets (Receptacles)