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Panasonic - BSG
Amorton Series
Parallax Inc.

Amorton Series

Amorphous Si Solar Cells

Panasonic - BSG

Amorphous silicon solar cells with random shape of atoms have the advantages of thinness and flexibility, which can be embedded into various products. Though Amorphous silicon solar cells have lower conversion efficiency in outdoor light, they have higher performance under indoor light because of its lower illuminance dependency.

  • Solar cells with a variety of voltages can be created
  • Solar cells with a variety of shapes can be created
  • High sensitivity in the visible light region
  • Electronic calculators
  • Wristwatches (solar watches)
  • Clocks
  • Stopwatches
  • Garden lights
  • Sensor lights
  • Car accessories
  • Battery chargers
  • Mobile equipment
  • POP products
  • LED blinkers
  • Current @ Pmpp:5.1mA ~ 84µA
  • Current Short Circuit (Isc):2.4mA ~ 94µA
  • Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 60°C
  • Power (Watts) - Max:16.8mW ~ 252µW
  • Type:Amorphous
  • Voltage - Open Circuit:2.4V ~ 7.7V
  • Voltage @ Pmpp:1.5V ~ 5V

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AM-1801CAAM-1801CASOLAR CELL AM 53MM X 25MM -18.5µA3V20µACellsRoHS
AM-1456CAAM-1456CASOLAR CELL AM 25MM X 10MM -5.3µA1.5V6µACellsRoHS
AM-5610CARAM-5610CARSOLAR CELL AM 25MM X 20MM 16.8mW5.1mA3.3V2.4mACellsRoHS
AM-5904CARAM-5904CARSOLAR CELL AM 40.1MM X 33.1MM 49.5mW9.9mA5V4.8mA40.1mm L x 33.1mm W x 2.3mm HRoHS
AM-5412CARAM-5412CARSOLAR CELL AM 50.1MM X 33.1MM 87.6mW39.8mA2.2V19.4mACellsRoHS
AM-5608CARAM-5608CARSOLAR CELL AM 60.1MM X 41.3MM 119mW36mA3.3V17.8mACellsRoHS
AM-8702CARAM-8702CARSOLAR CELL AM 57.7MM X 41.3MM 134mW34.4mA3.9V17.7mACellsRoHS
AM-5706CARAM-5706CARSOLAR CELL AM 70MM X 50MM 179mW45.9mA3.9V22.6mA70.0mm L x 50.0mm W x 2.3mm HRoHS
AM-8701CARAM-8701CARSOLAR CELL AM 57.7MMX 55.1MM 182mW46.6mA3.9V23.9mACellsRoHS
AM-8801CARAM-8801CARSOLAR CELL AM 57.7MM X 55.1MM 189mW41.9mA4.5V20.4mACellsRoHS
AM-5907CARAM-5907CARSOLAR CELL AM 75MM X 55MM 229mW45.7mA5V22.3mA75.0mm L x 55.0mm W x 2.3mm HRoHS
AM-5902CARAM-5902CARSOLAR CELL AM 150MM X 37.5MM 304mW60.8mA5V30mA150.0mm L x 37.5mm W x 2.3mm HRoHS
AM-1815CAAM-1815CASOLAR CELL AM 58.1MM X 48.6MM 126µW42µA3V47µACellsRoHS
AM-1417CAAM-1417CASOLAR CELL AM 35MM X 13.9MM 18.75µW12.5µA1.5V13.5µA35.0mm L x 13.9mm W x 1.3mm HRoHS
AM-1819CAAM-1819CASOLAR CELL AM 31MM X 24MM 20.7µW6.9µA3V7.5µA31.0mm L x 24.0mm W x 1.3mm HRoHS
AM-1816CAAM-1816CASOLAR CELL AM 96.7MM X 56.7MM 252µW84µA3V94µACellsRoHS
AM-1454CAAM-1454CASOLAR CELL AM 41.6MM X 26.3MM 46.5µW31µA1.5V35µA41.6mm L x 26.3mm W x 1.3mm HRoHS

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Panasonic - BSG's Amorton Series Solar Cells