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956 Series
960 Series
963 Series

960 Series

0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Through Hole Socket Header Connectors


3M™ socket headers

  • Color:Black
  • Connector Type:Receptacle
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:Flash
  • Contact Type:Female Socket
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 72
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Pitch:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Row Spacing:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Termination:Solder

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960102-6202-AR960102-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 2POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket2AllRoHS
960104-7102-AR960104-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 4POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket4AllRoHS
960204-6202-AR960204-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 4POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket4AllRoHS
960105-6202-AR960105-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 5POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket5AllRoHS
960106-6202-AR960106-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 6POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
960206-6202-AR960206-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 6POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
960116-7102-AR960116-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 16POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
960120-6202-AR960120-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 20POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket20AllRoHS
960218-6202-AR960218-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 18POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket18AllRoHS
960216-7102-AR960216-7102-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL R/A 16POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
960224-6202-AR960224-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 24POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket24AllRoHS
960120-7102-AR960120-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 20POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket20AllRoHS
960125-6202-AR960125-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 25POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket25AllRoHS
960125-7102-AR960125-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 25POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket25AllRoHS
960230-6202-AR960230-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 30POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket30AllRoHS
960230-6303-AR960230-6303-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 30POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket30AllRoHS
960136-6202-AR960136-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 36POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket36AllRoHS
960230-7102-AR960230-7102-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL R/A 30POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket30AllRoHS
960136-7102-AR960136-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 36POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket36AllRoHS
960240-6202-AR960240-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 40POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket40AllRoHS
960240-7102-AR960240-7102-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL R/A 40POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket40AllRoHS
960103-6202-AR960103-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 3POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket3AllRoHS
960105-7102-AR960105-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 5POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket5AllRoHS
960106-7102-AR960106-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 6POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket6AllRoHS
960108-6202-AR960108-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 8POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
960108-7102-AR960108-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 8POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
960210-6202-AR960210-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 10POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket10AllRoHS
960114-6202-AR960114-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 14POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket14AllRoHS
960116-6202-AR960116-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 16POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
960114-7102-AR960114-7102-ARCONN SOCKET SGL R/A 14POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket14AllRoHS
960216-6202-AR960216-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 16POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket16AllRoHS
960272-6202-AR960272-6202-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL VERT 72POS GOLDReceptacleFemale Socket72AllRoHS
960272-7102-AR960272-7102-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL R/A 72POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket72AllRoHS
960104-6202-AR960104-6202-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 4POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket4AllRoHS
960108-6303-AR960108-6303-ARCONN SOCKET SGL VERT 8POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket8AllRoHS
960224-7102-AR960224-7102-ARCONN SOCKET DUAL R/A 24POS GOLD ReceptacleFemale Socket24AllRoHS

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Associated Product
3M 961102-6404-AR
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors-Rectangular Connectors-Headers - Male Pins-0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch
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3M's 960 Series Headers - Female Sockets (Receptacles)