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9310 Overhead Air Ionizer
960 and 960X/980X Series
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960 and 960X/980X Series

960 Mini Air Ionizer and 960X/980X Wall Transformer


The 960 Mini Air Ionizer is a small and versatile blower available for equipment or local area ionization. Its small size makes it ideal for use in those situations where space is at a minimum. The 960 runs off of low-voltage 24VAC power, that can be supplied by the 960X/980X Wall Transformer. Included with the 960 are a mounting bracket and a 3 foot telephone cable (with modular plugs) to connect the ionizer to the 960X/980X.

  • Steady-state DC ion emission for efficient ion delivery
  • Intrinsically balanced - no adjustment necessary
  • Small/compact design utilizes very little work bench space
  • UL/C-UL/CE approved for global acceptance
  • At ESD workstation, pinpoint coverage at targeted area improves product yields and reliability
  • Pinpoint coverage on electronic production equipment, inside OEM equipment, resolves contamination issues, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up
  • Pinpoint coverage on IC Testers, pick and place equipment, and tape and reel equipment reduces handling problems
  • Voltage - Input:24VAC ~ 120VAC

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    960960AIR IONIZER MINI BLOWER IonizerBenchtop, Portable24VACRoHS
    960X/980X960X/980XWALL TRANSFORMER Power SupplyWall Mount120VACRoHS

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    SCS's 960 and 960X/980X Series Ionizer Equipment