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NMB Technologies Corporation
3610PS Series
NMB Technologies Corporation
4710PS Series
NMB Technologies Corporation
4715MS, 4715FS, 4715TS, 4715HS Series
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4710PS Series

AC Axial Fans, Tubeaxial, 115V - 230V

NMB Technologies Corporation

AC Axial Fans can be an integral part of a cooling solution for your heat generating applications. AC axial fans are common types of fans used in electronic components. The axial flow fan uses a propeller to create a large airflow in the direction of the axis, moving air in a parallel direction of the blade axis. In other words, the fan blows air across the axis of the blade, hence the name axial fans. The fan moves heated air away from the components and draw cooler air over them, thereby giving a superior life expectancy to the components

  • Aluminum casing
  • Tubeaxial fan type
  • Ball bearing type
Applications :
  • Computers
  • Electronic components
  • Power supplies
  • Office automation
  • Networking
  • Bearing Type:Ball
  • Current Rating:0.050A ~ 0.160A
  • Fan Type:Tubeaxial
  • Life Expectancy:50000 hrs @ 25°C
  • Material - Blade:Polycarbonate (PC), Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Material - Frame:Aluminum
  • Noise:30 dB ~ 38 dB
  • Operating Temperature:14 ~ 158°F (-10 ~ 70°C)
  • Power (Watts):7W ~ 11.0W
  • RPM:2000 RPM ~ 2700 RPM
  • Size / Dimension:Square - 119mm L x 119mm H x 25.5mm W
  • Termination:2 Terminals
  • Voltage - Rated:115VAC ~ 230VAC
  • Weight:0.8 lb (362.87g)

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4710PS-12T-B30-A004710PS-12T-B30-A00FAN AC AXIAL 115V 119X25 2700RPM115VACSquare - 119mm L x 119mm H x 25.5mm W70.6 CFM (2.00m³/min)0.160 in H2O (39.8 Pa)RoHS
4710PS-12T-B20-A004710PS-12T-B20-A00FAN AC AXIAL 115V 119X25 2000RPM115VACSquare - 119mm L x 119mm H x 25.5mm W53.0 CFM (1.50m³/min)0.086 in H2O (21.5 Pa)RoHS
4710PS-23T-B30-A004710PS-23T-B30-A00FAN AC AXIAL 230V 119X25 2700RPM230VACSquare - 119mm L x 119mm H x 25.5mm W70.6 CFM (2.00m³/min)0.160 in H2O (40.0 Pa)RoHS
4710PS-23T-B20-A004710PS-23T-B20-A00FAN AC AXIAL 230V 119X25 2100RPM230VACSquare - 119mm L x 119mm H x 25.5mm W53.0 CFM (1.50m³/min)0.086 in H2O (21.5 Pa)RoHS

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NMB Technologies Corporation's 4710PS Series Tubeaxial