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361 Series

Glass Cloth Tape, Silicone Thermosetting Adhesive


3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361 is coated with a silicone adhesive for many applications requiring high temperature resistance, high adhesion and a very strong, abrasion resistant backing.

Product Description

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3M custom-cut products are engineered materials to meet precise specifications and manufacturing needs

3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to your requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality you need. Whether laminating adhesives to substrates, precision or die cutting, slitting, or spooling and level winding, 3M custom-cut products are engineered to meet your precise specifications and manufacturing needs.

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  • Can be certified to meet F.A.R. 25.853, flame resistant specification
  • Can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 550°F (288°C) or higher, depending upon the type and duration of the heat source
  • Continuous exposure to temperatures above 450°F (232°C) will gradually degrade the adhesive causing loss of tape adhesion and darken the glass cloth backing
  • High temperature applications requiring high tensile strength, good holding power and abrasion resistance
  • Permanent sealing of high temperature ducts or chambers
  • As a back up strip for submerged arc welding
  • Adhesive:Silicone Thermosetting
  • Backing, Carrier:Glass Cloth
  • Color:White
  • Length:180' (55.0m) 60 yds
  • Packaging:Roll
  • Tape Type:Glass Cloth
  • Temperature Range:-65 ~ 450°F (-54 ~ 232°C)
  • Thickness:0.0075" (7.5 mils, 0.191mm)
  • Thickness - Adhesive:0.0021" (2.1 mils, 0.053mm)
  • Thickness - Backing, Carrier, Liner:0.0054" (5.4 mils, 0.140mm)
  • Usage:High Temperature Adhesion

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361-1"X60YD361-1"X60YDTAPE GLASS CLOTH 1" X 60YDS Glass ClothSilicone ThermosettingGlass Cloth0.0075" (7.5 mils, 0.191mm)RoHS
361-2"X60YD361-2"X60YDTAPE GLASS CLOTH 2" X 60YDS Glass ClothSilicone ThermosettingGlass Cloth0.0075" (7.5 mils, 0.191mm)RoHS

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3M's 361 Series Tape