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Adafruit Industries LLC
USB Mini-B Breakout Board
Capital Advanced Technologies
33000 Surfboards
Capital Advanced Technologies
6000 Surfboards

33000 Surfboards


Capital Advanced Technologies

Great for building prototypes, as package adapters for circuit modifications, and for device evaluation and test.

Product Description

The 33000 series of Surface Mount to SIP adapters includes a range of models for lower pin count I.C. packages and many popular discrete semiconductors. The Single-In-Line (SIP) pins are attached on .100 in. (2.54 mm) centers making these adapters compatible with both traditional and solderless breadboards as well as sockets.

  • Board Thickness:0.031" (0.79mm) 1/32"
  • Number of Positions:3 ~ 10
  • Proto Board Type:SMD to SIP Pins

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3320533205PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-23-5SMD to SIP PinsSC59-5, SOT-23-50.50" x 0.40" (12.7mm x 10.2mm)5RoHS
3310833108PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR 8MSOP SMD to SIP PinsMSOP-8, TSSOP-80.80" x 0.40" (20.3mm x 10.2mm)8RoHS
3301033010PROTO BOARD ADAPTER MICROMAX-10 SMD to SIP PinsMICROMAX-10™1.00" x 0.40" (25.4mm x 10.2mm)10RoHS
3300333003PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-323 SMD to SIP PinsSC-70-3, SOT-3230.40" x 0.30" (10.2mm x 7.6mm)3RoHS
3322333223PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-223 SMD to SIP PinsSOT-2230.30" x 0.50" (7.6mm x 12.7mm)3RoHS
3314333143PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-143 SMD to SIP PinsSOT-1430.40" x 0.40" (10.2mm x 10.2mm)4RoHS
3334333343PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-343 SMD to SIP PinsSOT-3430.40" x 0.40" (10.2mm x 10.2mm)4RoHS
3310533105PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-89-5SMD to SIP PinsSOT-89-50.50" x 0.40" (12.7mm x 10.2mm)5RoHS
3320633206PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-23-6SMD to SIP PinsSC-59-6, SOT-23-6, SOT-23-L, TSOP-60.60" x 0.40" (15.2mm x 10.2mm)6RoHS
3300633006PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-363 SMD to SIP PinsSC-70-6, SOT-3630.60" x 0.40" (15.2mm x 10.2mm)6RoHS
3362333623PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SOT-223 SMD to SIP PinsSOT-2230.60" x 0.50" (15.2mm x 12.7mm)6RoHS
3311533115PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR 5-PIN D2SMD to SIP Pins5-Lead DD0.50" x 0.80" (12.7mm x 20.3mm)5RoHS
3300833008PROTO BOARD ADAPTER SUPERSOT-8 SMD to SIP PinsSuperSOT™-80.80" x 0.40" (20.3mm x 10.2mm)8RoHS
3320833208PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR SSOP-8 SMD to SIP PinsSSOP-80.80" x 0.40" (20.3mm x 10.2mm)8RoHS
3311333113PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR TO-263ABSMD to SIP PinsTO-263AB0.60" x 0.80" (15.2mm x 20.3mm)6RoHS
3311733117PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR 7-PIN D2SMD to SIP Pins7-Lead DD0.70" x 0.80" (17.8mm x 20.3mm)7RoHS
3321333213PROTO BOARD ADAPTER FOR TO-263ABSMD to SIP PinsTO-263AB0.85" x 1.13" (21.6mm x 28.6mm)3RoHS

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Capital Advanced Technologies's 33000 Surfboards Adapter, Breakout Boards