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Apem Inc.
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CTS Electrocomponents
254 Series
Interlink Electronics
MicroJoystick Series
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254 Series

0.01W, 20% Tolerance, 11mm Square, Surface Mount and Through Hole

CTS Electrocomponents

2 Axis, Ultra Miniature, Joystick Potentiometer

Product Description

CTS® patented Ministick™ controllers have two distinct designs that provide the greatest level of design flexibility in the industry. The 252 Mini-joystick (20x21x13mm) conforms to typical two axis controller size constraints with superior performance. The ultra miniature 254 Mini-joystick (11x11x5mm) provides an even smaller package size while retaining the design options and superior performance you expect from CTS®.

Two axis, Ministick™ controller with optional momentary switch features a compact size with long 1,000,000 cycle life. It is most commonly used in gaming applications for joystick and thumb-stick control. The high reliability and accuracy of CTS® Ministick™ makes it the choice of many gaming platform designers who demand excellence in gaming controllers.

  • Smallest mini joystick available (11x11x5mm)
  • Long life
  • Provides excellent electrical accuracy through patented mechanism
  • Optional momentary switch is operational at all positions
  • Adjustment Type:Top Adjustment
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Power (Watts):0.0125W
  • Resistance (Ohms):10k ~ 100k
  • Rotation Angle:50°
  • Size / Dimension:Square - 0.425" L x 0.425" W x 0.366" H (10.80mm x 10.80mm x 9.30mm)
  • Tolerance:±20%

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254TA103B50A254TA103B50APOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM 10k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254SA103B50A254SA103B50APOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM 10k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254SA103B50B254SA103B50BPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH 10k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254TA103B50B254TA103B50BPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH 10k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254SA104B50A254SA104B50APOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM 100k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254SA104B50B254SA104B50BPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH 100k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS
254TA104B50B254TA104B50BPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH 100k0.0125W±20%Top AdjustmentRoHS

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CTS Electrocomponents's 254 Series Joystick Potentiometers