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Han-INOX® Series
Molex Connector Corporation
130094 Series
Molex Connector Corporation
130097 Series
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130094 Series

Bus-Drop Support Grip, Single "U" Eye

Molex Connector Corporation

Durable Woodhead® pulling grips serve as reusable tools for pulling insulated conductors, bare wires, cable, nylon and wire rope, fiber optic cable,, in overhead, underground and in-plant cable pulls.

Product Description

Woodhead® indoor and outdoor support grips are designed to distribute weight of vertical or sloping runs of electrical and fiber-optic cable, metal rods, tubing or hose over the entire length of the grip to avoid damage.

Bus-drop grips are used as cable support to relieve any direct tension from critical connections and to absorb vibration and flexing. Offered with either single-eye or locking bale attachment.

  • Integrated-metal shield provides reinforcement at critical point and in turn provides longer, trouble-free service
  • Bus drop single eye/bale or locking/universal eye are used for bus drop cable
  • Locking bale provides easy, quick attachment to fixed structure without the need for additional hardware
  • Closed mesh top-mounted reinforced eye protector provides stable and longer-life support
  • Galvanized Steel wire mesh is for indoor use only
  • Stainless Steel is for indoor or outdoor use
  • Alternative Energy Source
    • Solar power connections
    • Wind turbine
  • Industrial Automation
    • Electrical Contractors
    • General manufacturing
    • Utility companies
  • Bale Length:9"
  • Break Strength:1100 lbs
  • Cable Diameter:0.22" ~ 0.32" (5.6mm ~ 8.1mm)
  • Eye Type:Single
  • Material:Steel, Galvanized
  • Mesh Length:3.5"
  • Mesh Type:Closed
  • Style:Bus Drop
  • Type:Support Grip
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Molex Connector Corporation's 130094 Series Cable and Cord Grips