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Copper Foil with Conductive Adhesive


3M™ 1181 Tape consists of a 1 ounce deadsoft copper foil backing and a unique electrically conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Product Description

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3M custom-cut products are engineered materials to meet precise specifications and manufacturing needs

3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to your requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality you need. Whether laminating adhesives to substrates, precision or die cutting, slitting, or spooling and level winding, 3M custom-cut products are engineered to meet your precise specifications and manufacturing needs.

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  • Deadsoft 1 ounce copper foil backing
  • Conductive acrylic adhesive
  • Supplied on a removable liner for easy handling and die cutting
  • 3M 1181 Tape is typically used for applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the application substrate through the adhesive to the foil backing. Common uses include grounding and EMI shielding in equipment, components, shielded rooms. The copper foil backing is solderable and resists oxidation and discoloration.
  • Temperature Range:-40 ~ 266°F (-40 ~ 130°C)

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    11.5X12-6-118111.5X12-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 292X304.8MM *0.003" (0.066mm)11.5" (292mm)12" (304.8mm)RoHS
    3/4-6-11813/4-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 19.05MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)0.75" (19.05mm) 3/4"18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    1-6-11811-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 25.4MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)1.00" (25.40mm)18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    2-6-11812-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 50.8MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)2.00" (50.80mm)18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    3-6-11813-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 76.2MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)3.00" (76.20mm) 1/4'18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    23X36-1-118123X36-1-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 584MMX.91M *0.003" (0.066mm)23" (584mm)36" (.91m) 3'RoHS
    11.5-6-118111.5-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 292MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)11.5" (292mm)18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    1/2-6-11811/2-6-1181TAPE COPPER FOIL 12.7MMX5.5M *0.003" (0.066mm)0.5" (12.7mm)18' (5.5m) 6 ydsRoHS
    5-1181-1/25-1181-1/2TAPE COPPER FOIL 12.7MM CIR 5/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)-RoHS
    5-1181-3/45-1181-3/4TAPE COPPER FOIL 19.1MM CIR 5/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)-RoHS
    5-1181-15-1181-1TAPE COP FOIL 25.44MM CIR 5/PK Die Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)-RoHS
    5-1181-1.55-1181-1.5TAPE COPPER FOIL 38.1MM CIR 5/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)1.50" (38.10mm) 1 1/2"-RoHS
    5-1181-25-1181-2TAPE COPPER FOIL 50.8MM CIR 5/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)2.00" (50.8mm)-RoHS
    3M 1181 CIRCLE-0.5"-2503M 1181 CIRCLE-0.5"-250TAPE COP FOIL 12.7MM CIRC 250/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)-RoHS
    3M 1181 CIRCLE-0.75"-2503M 1181 CIRCLE-0.75"-250TAPE COP FOIL 19.1MM CIRC 250/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)-RoHS
    3M 1181 CIRCLE-1.5"-1003M 1181 CIRCLE-1.5"-100TAPE COP FOIL 38.1MM CIRC 100/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)1.50" (38.10mm) 1 1/2"-RoHS
    3M 1181 CIRCLE-1"-2503M 1181 CIRCLE-1"-250TAPE COP FOIL 25.4MM CIRC 250/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)-RoHS
    3M 1181 CIRCLE-2"-1003M 1181 CIRCLE-2"-100TAPE COP FOIL 50.8MM CIRC 100/PKDie Cut Circular0.0035" (0.089mm)2.00" (50.8mm)-RoHS
    3M 1181 3/4" X 4"-1003M 1181 3/4" X 4"-100SHEET COP FL 19.1X101.6MM 100/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1/2-2R5-1181-1/2-2RSHEET COPPER FL 12.7X50.8MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1/2-3R5-1181-1/2-3RSHEET COPPER FL 12.7X76.2MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    5-1181-3/4-2R5-1181-3/4-2RSHEET COPPER FL 19.1X50.8MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1/2-4R5-1181-1/2-4RSHEET COP FOIL 12.7X101.6MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1-2R5-1181-1-2RSHEET COPPER FL 25.4X50.8MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    5-1181-3/4-3R5-1181-3/4-3RSHEET COPPER FL 19.1X76.2MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1-3R5-1181-1-3RSHEET COPPER FL 25.4X76.2MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    5-1181-3/4-4R5-1181-3/4-4RSHEET COP FOIL 19.1X101.6MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1-4R5-1181-1-4RSHEET COP FOIL 25.4X101.6MM 5/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1/2" X 2"-1003M 1181 1/2" X 2"-100SHEET COP FL 12.7X50.8MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 3/4" X 2"-1003M 1181 3/4" X 2"-100SHEET COP FL 19.1X50.8MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1/2" X 3"-1003M 1181 1/2" X 3"-100SHEET COP FL 12.7X76.2MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 3/4" X 3"-1003M 1181 3/4" X 3"-100SHEET COP FL 19.1X76.2MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1" X 2"-1003M 1181 1" X 2"-100SHEET COP FL 25.4X50.8MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1/2" X 4"-1003M 1181 1/2" X 4"-100SHEET COP FL 12.7X101.6MM 100/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1" X 3"-1003M 1181 1" X 3"-100SHEET COP FL 25.4X76.2MM 100/PK Die Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)3" (76.2mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1" X 4"-1003M 1181 1" X 4"-100SHEET COP FL 25.4X101.6MM 100/PKDie Cut Rectangular0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)4" (101.6mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1/2S5-1181-1/2SSHEET COPPER FOIL 12.7MM SQ 5/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)0.500" (12.70mm)RoHS
    5-1181-3/4S5-1181-3/4SSHEET COPPER FOIL 19.1MM SQ 5/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)0.75" (19.05mm) 3/4"RoHS
    5-1181-1S5-1181-1SSHEET COPPER FOIL 25.4MM SQ 5/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)1.00" (25.40mm)RoHS
    5-1181-1.5S5-1181-1.5SSHEET COPPER FOIL 38.1MM SQ 5/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)1.50" (38.10mm) 1 1/2"1.50" (38.10mm)RoHS
    5-1181-2S5-1181-2SSHEET COPPER FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)2.00" (50.8mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 0.5"SQ-2503M 1181 0.5"SQ-250SHEET COPPER FL 12.7MM SQ 250/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)0.5" (12.7mm)0.500" (12.70mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 0.75"SQ-2503M 1181 0.75"SQ-250SHEET COPPER FL 19.1MM SQ 250/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)0.75" (19.1mm)0.75" (19.05mm) 3/4"RoHS
    3M 1181 1.5"SQ-1003M 1181 1.5"SQ-100SHEET COP FOIL 38.1MM SQ 100/PK Die Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)1.50" (38.10mm) 1 1/2"1.50" (38.10mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 1"SQ-2503M 1181 1"SQ-250TAPE COP FL 25.4MM SQUARE 250/PKDie Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)1" (25.4mm)1.00" (25.40mm)RoHS
    3M 1181 2"SQ-1003M 1181 2"SQ-100SHEET COP FOIL 50.8MM SQ 100/PK Die Cut Square0.0035" (0.089mm)2.00" (50.8mm)2" (50.8mm)RoHS
    1181 0.65" X 0.25" - 2500BC1181 0.65" X 0.25" - 2500BC3M 1181 0.65X0.25 BUTT CUT PIECERectangular0.003" (0.066mm)0.250" (6.35mm)0.650" (16.51mm)RoHS
    1181 X 1/2"1181 X 1/2"TAPE COPPER FOIL 12.7MMX16.5M Tape0.003" (0.066mm)0.5" (12.7mm)54' (16.5m) 18 ydsRoHS
    1181 1/8 X 18 YDS1181 1/8 X 18 YDSTAPE COPPER FOIL 3.18MMX16.5M Tape0.003" (0.066mm)0.125" (3.18mm)54' (16.5m) 18 ydsRoHS
    1181 X 1/4"1181 X 1/4"TAPE COPPER FOIL 6.35MMX16.5M Tape0.003" (0.066mm)0.25" (6.35mm) 1/4"54' (16.5m) 18 ydsRoHS
    1181 X 1"1181 X 1"TAPE COPPER FOIL 25.4X914.4MM Tape0.003" (0.066mm)1.00" (25.40mm)3' (914.4mm) 1 ydRoHS
    1181 X 6"1181 X 6"TAPE COPPER FOIL 152.4X304MM Tape0.003" (0.066mm)6.00" (152.40mm) 1/2'1' (304.0mm) 12"RoHS

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    3M's 1181 RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials