Cable, Wire Management

Devices used to control, arrange, or guide cables or wires.

Heat Shrink Heat Shrink Devices that are designed to become smaller when their surface temperature is increased above a preset level.
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Cable Supports and Fasteners Cable Supports and Fasteners Devices that are used to hold cables and wires securely to a board or panel.
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Cable and Cord Grips Cable and Cord Grips Devices that are used to hold cables and wires securely through a panel.
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Cable Ties Cable Ties A strip of fabric, metal, or plastic that is used to bundle or secure items together or devices designed to work with the ties.
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Bushings, Grommets Bushings, Grommets Devices that are used to insulate between an opening in a panel and any items (most often cables and wire) that are inserted into the opening. These devices can also hold the inserted objects securely between the two sides of the opening.
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Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving Hollow tubes of plastic of other materials with both ends open. The tube is split down the length of the tube and the seam is tucked into or over the tube, or the tube has a spiral cut down the length of the tube allowing the item to expand.
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Solid Tubing, Sleeving Solid Tubing, Sleeving Hollow pieces of plastic or other materials with both ends open.
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Solder Sleeve Solder Sleeve Small hollow pieces of shrinkable tubing that have rings of solder incorporated into them. As these devices are heated, the tube shrinks and the solder melts, in order to splice cables.
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Ground Braid, Straps Ground Braid, Straps Sleeves or strips of braided metal that are used for grounding and/or shielding.
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Labels, Labeling Labels, Labeling A piece of some type of material that is attached to a wire or cable in order to supply information about the cable/wire.
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Cold Shrink Tape, Tubing Cold Shrink Tape, Tubing Cold Shrink tubing is hollow pieces of plastic tubing with both ends open. The tubing remains expanded until the center core of the tubing is removed. The tubing then shrinks to seal the items inserted into the tubing. Cold Shrink Tape provides a covering without any adhesive or mastic. the material of the tape reacts with itself to form a protective layer.
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Fiber Optics Fiber Optics Devices that are used with Fiber Optic cables.
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Markers Markers Small numeric labels used for identification of wires. These devices are secured to wires and cables through a variety of means.
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Splice Enclosures, Protection Splice Enclosures, Protection A device that is used to house or enclose several cables or wires that have been attached to each other.
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Wire Ducts, Raceways Wire Ducts, Raceways Long containers that are designed to hold wires and cables that are not strung through a wall or ceiling.
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Accessories Accessories Supplementary items used with cable and wire management devices.
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