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- Wurth Electronics Midcom, a division of the Würth Elektronik group, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom and specialty magnetics. Customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas are supported through local direct technical sales network, regional design and applications engineers and manufacturing based in the People’s Republic of China. More...

Our standard lines and custom-made transformers are used around the world in LED and CFL lighting, smart grid and utility metering, home automation, test & measurement, industrial controls, circuit management, and security systems. Less...

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Component Selector - New Version Available

The design software "Würth Elektronik Component Selector" helps you to choose the right components of Würth Elektronik.  For more than two years now, Würth Elektronik eiSos Component Selector software has been helping users choose and simulate passive components. Thousands of users worldwide already use this free simulation software. Würth Elektronik eiSos has now released a revised and expanded version of the Component Selector. Six new modules have been added to the four existing ones, making this selection tool one of the world's most comprehensive component databases to be provided by a single manufacturer.

Three modules are included:
  1. EMC Components
    In the field of EMC components, cable ferrites and common mode chokes are now available in addition to PCB ferrites. These modules allow users to analyse and compare technical values and impedance curves for all products. Within the component characteristic curve, filters help users find the right components quickly and easily.
  2. Power Magnetics
    In the power inductors module, the right inductor for non-insulated DC/DC converters can easily be determined. The Component Selector also calculates wire and core losses and, based on these losses, calculates the temperature increase of the component. In the field of power supplies, there is also a module to help quickly and easily configure flexible transformers for isolated DC/DC converters to suit the relevant input and output values. For use in active PFC circuits, there is now also a module for determining the right PFC choke.
  3. Signal & Communications
    The most significant extension of the software was for signal and communications products. As well as the existing RF inductor module for selecting components according to frequency, for adjusting antenna for example, three further modules have now been introduced. For signal and backlight LEDs, by entering the resistance and input voltage values for every freely definable forward current, the expected brightness of the LED can be displayed.
A particularly practical addition is the module for discrete LAN transformers or integrated RJ45 LAN transformers, which enables users to search and filter components by the internal connections or land pad. This means that the right solutions for existing products can be found in no time at all. Users can also save and store existing settings for component selection. Within all the modules, the relevant data sheet can also be consulted online and S-parameters can be downloaded.
The integrated online update function ensures that the product database is kept up to date at all times. Users without an internet connection can get updates from the manufacturer's website at any time and install them manually. Nothing is easier than component selection with the Würth Elektronik Component Selector.
If you have trouble during installation, please contact us for support. Our software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

Download Component Selector
Component Selector(zip)
Database - Manuelles Update

Introduction Videos of the Individual Modules
Basic Usage and Ferrites for PCB Assembly
Ferrites for Cable Assembly & Common Mode Chokes
Power Inductors
Flexible Transformers & PFC Chokes
Signal & Backlight LED
RF Inductors
RJ45 LAN & LAN Transformers

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