Tallysman Wireless, Inc.

- Tallysman Wireless designs and manufactures professional grade, high performance GPS, GNSS and Satcom antennas (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, Globalstar, Iridium and L-band antennas), RF modules (In-line amps, Bias Tees), intelligent GPS and multi-constellation GNSS receivers. 

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TW5340 ReceiversTW5340 Receivers - Tallysman's TW5340 is a multi-constellation GNSS smart antenna which provides simultaneous GPS/GLONASS/SBAS reception. It is designed for use in professional-grade applications such as precision timing, network synchronization, low current applications, and tracking/positioning applications.  More...

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Tallysman’s focus is on the world of multi-constellation GNSS. We recognize that the performance of a GNSS system is dependent upon the matched quality of all its components. To this end, Tallysman has developed antenna technology which provides superior performance for multi-constellational systems. Tallysman’s Accutenna™ technology is specifically designed to provide excellent multi-path signal rejection. All of Tallysman’s antennas provide consistent performance across all input voltages and operating temperatures. All of this at economical price points.
Tallysman Wireless, Inc.
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