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- Synapse Wireless has nearly a decade of experience implementing IoT solutions across multiple industries. The company’s competitive advantage is its unique SNAP® IoT operating system, which is designed for real time processing, distributed computing and scalability for enterprise customers with large network requirements (from node to gateway to cloud). SNAP was developed to solve the ‘hard problems’ for applications, and enables unmatched, field proven scalability. Synapse currently has solutions implemented in multiple industries, including intelligent lighting, agriculture, renewable energy, healthcare, security, pyrotechnics, foodservice and more. More...

Synapse Wireless is based in Huntsville, AL, and is a subsidiary of McWane, Inc. Less...

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SN173 ProtoBoardSN173 ProtoBoard - With the SN173 ProtoBoard, Synapse makes it even easier to put the SNAP RF Engine to work in applications. Whether developing rapid prototypes or building a sophisticated finished assembly, the ProtoBoard provides a solid platform for embedded SNAP wireless applications.  More...

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Synapse HeadquartersProven Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Synapse Wireless provides node level networking to deliver M2M/IoT flexibility for your business. With 21 patents issued and 35 pending patents, Synapse Wireless is known for product innovation and reliability. Synapse Wireless offers a wide range of products that are deployed in solutions across industries and around the globe.

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Synapse Wireless is known for providing intelligent, wireless control and monitoring technology based on the Internet-enabled SNAP® network operating system. Synapse’s Portal® and SNAP® Connect products provide a complete software development environment for easy application development and fast time to revenue. Synapse RF Engine® modules include an increasing number of MCU choices for both interoperability and second sourcing. Synapse Design Services provides custom design and implementation support for OEMs and partners.

Harbor Research, a leading IoT research firm, notes that “Synapse Wireless is jumping ahead of the current market’s noise and confusion about wireless connectivity and Big Data and are re-defining how value is created from sensors and the data received.”

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Synapse Wireless
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