- SiTime Corporation is revolutionizing the $5B timing market with silicon MEMS timing solutions that replace legacy quartz products. SiTime’s configurable solutions enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, reduced size and better reliability. The rich feature set and flexibility of our solutions allows customers to consolidate their supply-chain, reducing cost of ownership and time to market. By using standard semiconductor processes and high volume plastic packaging, SiTime offers the best availability and shortest lead times in the industry. With 80% market share, SiTime is driving the electronics industry to use 100% silicon-based timing. 

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Application Notes

MEMS Technology

SiTime's MEMS First™ Process
MEMS Replacing Quartz Oscillators

EMI Reduction

SiTime Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillators
Rise and Fall Time Selection for SiT8103, SiT8003, and SiT9003

Termination Techniques

Termination Recommendations for SiTime Single-Ended Oscillators
Differential Output Terminations LVPECL, HCSL, LVDS, and CML for SiT9120/1/2 and SiT3821/2 Devices
Differential Output Terminations LVPECL, HCSL, LVDS, and CML for SiT9102/7 and SiT9002 Devices

Layout Techniques

Best Design and Layout Practices

Clock Measurement

Clock Jitter and Measurement
Frequency Measurement Guidelines for Oscillators
Probing Oscillator Output

Serial I/O Applications
Jitter Budget for 10GbE with SiT9120/1
SiT9102 Jitter Performance for PCIExpress Applications


Definitions of VCXO Specifications
VCXO Parameter Trade-offs for PLL Design

Resilience / Reliability

Resilience and Reliability of Silicon MEMS Oscillators
Reliability Calculations for SiTime Oscillators
Shock and Vibration Comparison of MEMS and Quartz-based Oscillators
Electromagnetic Susceptibility Comparison of MEMS and Quartz-based Oscillators

IBIS Models

White Papers

  • Shattering the Constraints of Quartz Timing to Improve Smartphones and Mobile Devices - Mobile device designers and manufacturers require components that can save space and power. The latest MEMS timing technology, such as 1 Hz to 32 kHz solutions, can reduce footprint by up to 85%, reduce power by up to 50% and increase reliability and performance. SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions are based on a programmable platform to offer additional features and a wide selection of options with very short lead times.

  • Clock Features for Power Conscious and Greener Applications - When designing clock sources in power conscious applications, various timing technologies and clock features should be considered as they affect power consumption differently. This paper discusses power consumption and other power-saving features, performance and layout issues; and compares the features and tradeoffs of the three main reference clock types (XTAL, oscillator and clock generator) and the two main timing technologies (quartz and MEMS).

  • Enhance Performance of Industrial Equipment with High-temperature, Ultra Robust MEMS Oscillators - Reference timing components are used in industrial electronic systems to synchronize all signals to the clock source. Electronic equipment used in harsh industrial environments must be highly resilient and robust, and must contain components that are designed to operate in extreme environments. Learn how MEMS-based oscillators offer new features, flexibility and superior reliability that is ideal for industrial applications.

  • Field Programmable Timing Solutions for Medical Applications - MEMS oscillators are well suited for meeting the special requirements (e.g., electromagnetic compatibility) of diverse electronic medical devices. Medical device applications, which tend to be highly specific, require flexible and robust timing solutions. Learn about programmable MEMS-based architecture, ultra resilient field programmable and low power devices, and features such as spread spectrum and programmable drive strength for EMI reduction.

  • Silicon MEMS Oscillators Provide Benefits for LED Lighting - Silicon MEMS-based oscillators are the preferred timing solution for many lighting systems, especially those used in industrial and commercial locations. MEMS oscillators have better performance and reliability compared to quartz-based devices. The flexible features and special functions in MEMS oscillators help resolve design issues. Plus MEMS timing offers lower cost and shorter lead-times for lighting manufactures.

  • How to Improve Tablet PCs and Other Portable Devices with MEMS Timing Technology - Market dynamics are quickly changing with the success of the iPad, iPhone and Android-based devices. MEMS-based timing solutions enable designers to differentiate their products and meet their needs for devices with smaller size, more features, higher performance, better reliability and durability. Learn how manufacturers of portable devices can leverage both the performance advantages as well as supply chain benefits of new timing technology.

  • MEMS Timing Solutions Are Ideal for Digital Camera Applications - "Oscillators are used in cameras to clock the image sensor and main processor. Timing devices must support the increased performance and accuracy levels as camera features improve. New MEMS-based timing devices allow designers to differentiate digital cameras with enhanced performance and features. Learn how to use new timing solutions to design products with lower jitter, excellent frequency stability, smaller size, longer batter life and improved reliability."

  • MEMS Timing Solutions Improve Touchscreen Devices - MEMS-based oscillators and resonators offer new benefits to systems that use touchscreen technology. The benefits include higher system performance and reliability with immunity to shock, vibration, and noise; better touchscreen performance with lower internal EMI enabled by spread spectrum and edge rate control; lower cost with all-silicon die inside standard low-cost plastic packages; and readily available products with a wide variety of features and short lead-times.

  • MEMS Oscillators Improve System Performance and Reliability in Motor Control Applications - MEMS oscillators are replacing quartz-based timing devices in electronic motors because they offer better reliability, improved stability, more features, short lead times and lower cost. Industrial motor controlled equipment is often subject to extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration and electromagnetic noise. In the presence of these harsh conditions, oscillators must operate reliably. Read the latest performance data for XOs tested under these conditions.

  • Increase Automotive Reliability and Performance with High-temperature, Ultra Robust MEMS Oscillators - Today’s highest quality AEC-Q100 timing solutions are based on MEMS technology, a technology that is inherently more robust and reliable than quartz. MEMS-based timing solutions have low vibration sensitivity (g-sensitivity of 0.1 ppb/g), wider operating frequencies (1 to 137 MHz), extended temperature ranges (-55 to +155°C), tighter frequency stability, better packaging options, programmable features, and short lead-time at lower cost.

  • Ultra Robust MEMS Timing Solutions Improve Performance and Reliability of Smart Meters - Smart meters are often subjected to a variety of harsh operating environments. Reference timing devices must conform to their specifications under these conditions and over long periods of time. With intrinsic robustness and resiliency, specialized features that improve system performance, short lead times and low cost, MEMS-based components are rapidly replacing legacy quartz components in metering equipment.
More about SiTime

SiTime, an analog semiconductor company, is revolutionizing the $5 billion timing industry with silicon MEMS-based oscillators and clock generators. Our timing solutions are rapidly replacing legacy quartz crystal products by offering higher performance and reliability at a lower cost. With 80% market share and over 200 million devices shipped, SiTime is driving the electronics industry's transition to 100% silicon-based timing.

Broad-based Adoption

Timing products provide the heartbeat of all electronics. SiTime products are used in all major market segments by more than 1000 customers in over 100 applications. Our highest volume designs are in the networking, consumer, computing and storage segments. In 2011, we started to offer products for telecom, wireless and industrial applications. In 2013, SiTime introduced the first MEMS oscillators targeted at smartphones and mobile devices.

Making it Better – Higher Performance, Resilience, and Lower Cost

SiTime has transformed the timing market. For the past several decades, quartz crystal based oscillators, clock generators and resonators were the primary reference timing components in electronics. As there were no alternatives, OEMs and ODMs accepted the inherent limitations of quartz timing devices. Now, with robust MEMS resonators and high performance analog ICs, SiTime has developed breakthrough solutions that overcome the limitations of quartz devices.

Making it Easier – Programmable, Drop-in Replacements

We make it easy for OEMs and ODMs to use SiTime products. Our oscillators are 100% drop-in replacements for quartz oscillators without any design changes. Plus, our programmable architecture enables the most flexible products with more features and ultra fast lead-times. SiTime solutions are an easy choice – once our customers use SiTime products, they rarely go back to quartz.

Making it Smaller – Up to 85% Space Reduction

SiTime is enabling the miniaturization of electronic products. For new designs or re-design, customers can use SiTime oscillators in the industry’s smallest packages – as small as 1.5 x 0.8 mm. Our clock generators and specialty oscillators reduce board space by combining the functionality of multiple components in the same package. Semiconductor companies are integrating our silicon MEMS resonators within their SOCs/ASICs to completely eliminate external clocks and simplify system design.
Product Information

Product Summary & Selector - View key specifications of SiTime products such as frequency coverage, stability, output logic, packages, and more.

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