Pervasive Displays

- Pervasive Displays provides a wide range of high resolution, high contrast, wide viewing angle, sunlight readability, and ultra-low energy consumption standards and custom EPD panels. Pervasive Displays uses e-paper technology in its ultra-low power, active matrix electronic paper displays. These bi-stable e-paper displays are designed for commercial, industrial, and embedded applications. 

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In the summer of 2006, three guys just having finished developing a low-power transflective display for the One Laptop Per Child program started talking about how low power could change the future of displays. That discussion marked the beginning of Chilin Technology's (CLT) e-paper project team. By mid-2007, the team had produced its first proof of concept product: a 7" E Ink embedded display for Point of Purchase.

In 2008, the business unit was established within CLT to begin developing driver software and hardware, manufacturing and QA processes, and ultimately finished products. Within a year of its internal launch, the team was shipping e-paper products.

Throughout the team's four years of development work, special attention has been focused on the low-power requirements of the electronic price tag market. Now that the incubation of those products has matured, it's time for the business unit to separate itself out into its own company: Pervasive Displays.
Pervasive Displays
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