GeneSiC Semiconductor

- GeneSiC is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide technology, while also invested in high power Silicon technologies. The global leading manufacturers of industrial and defense systems depend on GeneSiC's technology to elevate the performance and efficiency of their products. 

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More about GeneSiC Semiconductor

GeneSiC Semiconductor was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ranbir Singh who is an expert at Silicon Carbide semiconductors for high power and high frequency applications. Dr. Singh has published over 105 papers in industry leading conferences and journals, GeneSiC is awarded over 26 patents and Dr Singh has written a book on these subjects.

The company is focused on developing, manufacturing, selling quality high-performance, and high temperature components based on the semiconductors made of SiC. SiC semiconductor technology is known to have very significant advantages for high-power and/or harsh-environment applications. Along with the ongoing government programs such as working with the DOD, and DOE, the company is using its experience to provide SiC high voltage/ High Temperature components to commercial and A&D customers.

The properties and range of SiC power transistors and diodes have allowed for replacement of up to 10 conventional electronics components. Products based on SiC provide up to an order of magnitude improvement in technical applications and in efficiency where silicon is already approaching theoretical limits. For these reasons, SiC products will enable essential technical performance that, in turn, save energy and will allow customers to develop and market innovative and compelling products.

GeneSiC also manufactures cost-effective silicon products and is a leading supplier of silicon discrete devices, and modules , supporting many markets, AC, DC and Servo Drives (Low and Medium Voltage), Aircraft (Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators, Power Generators)Alternative Energy (Wind, Photovoltaic) and Distributed Power (Flywheel, Fuel Cell, Micro turbine), Electric Vehicles, Induction Heating, Industrial Pump Controls, Medical Power Supplies (CT, MRI, X-Ray), Power Generation and Distribution, Pulsed Power, Transportation (Propulsion and Auxiliary Power for Rail, Shipboard), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Welding, and White Goods and HVAC.

The company is based in Dulles Virginia and has an extensive worldwide sales presence.
GeneSiC Semiconductor
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