CogniMem Technologies, Inc.

- CogniMem Technologies, Inc. is an innovative semiconductor company specializing in pattern recognition with general purpose hardware based neural networks. Our solutions are tailored to overcome challenges in machine learning, machine vision, robotics, inspection, industrial controls, intelligent security cameras, medical and automotive sensing/ sensor fusion to data mining, video analytics, data searching and more. CogniMem – “Cognitive Memory” – is the world leader in providing practical cognitive computing for intelligent sensing to data mining applications, offering a significant performance/ watt advantage over traditional approaches. 

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More about Cognimem

CogniMem™ Technologies is a fabless semi-conductor company designing components for high speed and parallel pattern recognition. Its research and design efforts target two extreme usage models:

(1) Embed intelligence into miniature sensory devices without impeding their performance in speed and power consumption , and

(2) Enable the design of cognitive computing systems in which massive hard-wired parallelism prevails over high power consumption and frequency clocks, just like in the human brain.

These two axes of development will bridge in “TheCloud” connecting devices instrumenting the planet to artificial intelligent systems, thus performing the so-called “global sensing”

CogniMem Technolgies Receives New Product Innovation Award CogniMem Technolgies Receives New Product Innovation Award
Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award in the Cognitive Computing Processors for Pattern Recognition market to CogniMem Technologies.


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CogniMem Technologies, Inc.
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