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- Adesto Technologies is a leading developer of non-volatile memory solutions based in Sunnyvale, California. Its product portfolio includes Serial Flash and Conductive Bridge RAM (CBRAM) memory technology. CBRAM is an ultra-low power, CMOS compatible non-volatile memory that is customized for a wide range of discrete and embedded markets. Sales from Adesto’s product lines rank in the top five worldwide in Serial Flash revenue. Adesto Technologies Corporation currently partners with a number of leading semiconductor companies in deployment of CBRAM technology in the market place. 

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More about Adesto Technologies

In 2007, the founders of Adesto Technologies set out to build a new company focused on developing innovative, low power memory solutions based on a promising type of Resistive RAM technology called Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM). This particular technology is different from other emerging memories in that it can be customized to serve a wide range of applications. In just the last 3 years, Adesto has licensed its technology as an embedded memory to several large SOC (System on Chip) Semiconductor companies and thus enabled them to develop a future roadmap without limitations. Adesto sees this as the first step in CBRAM’s adoption as the memory of choice for even more demanding applications such as low power mobile devices and high performance servers.

Unlike other memory technologies, CBRAM is completely CMOS compatible and through optimization of the memory cell, its architecture, and the manufacturing process it can be shown to be extremely versatile in the way it operates. Adesto released its first CBRAM based memory devices in 2012 and plans to add to its offerings in early 2013 as it targets the $5B non-volatile EEPROM and NOR Flash markets.

In September 2012, Adesto decided to expand the company’s value-added memory business by acquiring Atmel’s DataFlash and Serial Flash product lines. With the acquisition, Adesto is able to deliver Atmel’s high quality products and derivatives along with a growing CBRAM product line that offers a path to lower power and more economical solutions in a technology that is designed to scale with advanced CMOS process technologies.
Adesto Technologies
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