- Established in 1957, Wakefield Engineering designs efficient, affordable and reliable thermal management solutions for a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and military markets. Recognized as a worldwide leader, Wakefield Engineering has grown with the market while expanding into others, responding to technological advances and anticipating industry demands. Wakefield Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Technologies Group, Inc. 

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

Product Training Modules Online...On Demand® is a registered trademark of Digi-Key Corporation.

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Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • Chip Clip Heat Sinks
1.6MB797KB5 minParts List
  • Intro to Wedgelocks
2.1MB946KB5 minParts List
  • Introduction to the EPS Heitec Sub-rack System
2.8MB1.3MB5 minParts List
  • Liquid Cold Plate Technologies
2.4MB1.4MB5 minParts List

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Ripac Vario Subrack SystemRipac Vario Subrack System - Wakefield-Vette's Ripac Vario subrack system is used for standard applications or complex installations. This system is suitable for installation of standardized PCBs or plug-in units up to 400 mm in depth.  More...

Ripac Easy ComponentsRipac Easy Components - The modular concept of Ripac subracks facilitates a wide range of application options with a minimum of components. All Ripac subracks are based on the same horizontal rails and system components.  More...

Technical Briefs

Heat Sink Design Facts and Guidelines for Thermal Analysis
Natural Convection - What is it and How Does it Work?
Simplified Method For Estimating Heat Sink Thermal Resistance - ӨSA Forced Convection Applications

Catalog Request

Request to have a Wakefield thermal product catalog sent to you.
  • 2007-2008 Thermal management standard product
  • Stamped heat sinks for low power devices
  • DC/DC converter heat sinks
  • Bonded Fin heat sinks
  • Standard shapes

Online Catalogs

BGA Heat Sinks
Wakefield’s BGA Heat Sink catalog includes a number of new products for BGAs, Super BGAs, PBGAs and FPBGAs. Applications include Network routers and switches, high resolution printers, digital cameras, video games, DVD and global positioning systems (GPS).

Stamped Heat Sinks for Low Power Devices
Wakefield offers a wide range of board level power semiconductor heat sinks for surface mount and thru hole devices. This catalog contains a number of new devices.

DC/DC Converter Heat Sinks
Wakefield offers a comprehensive line of DC/DC converter heat sinks for quarter, half and full brick sizes. These heat sinks are designed with anchoring slots to accommodate various mounting requirements and both natural and forced air convection installations.

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
Wakefield has greatly expanded its line of high performance Bonded Fin heat sinks and now includes 20 available shapes for use with IGBTs, power modules, SCRs and other high power electronic components. Bonded fin products can be easily configured as maxiTHERM-HD3™ forced convection or natural convection assemblies.

Product Information

19000 Series Standard Heat Sinks Portfolio
Digi-Key Product Selection Guide
Epoxy Bonded-Fin Heat Sinks Overview
Estimating Heat Sink Thermal Resistance
Forced Convection
Natural Convection
Standard LED Heat Sinks Selection Guide
Solutions Guide
What is a Heat Sink?

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
View All MSDS's

Intro to Thermal Management

RoHS Compliance Plan

RoHS Compliance Part(s) Search
Compliance with the RoHS Directive is essential to Wakefield’s ability to continue to do business with European Union customers after July 1, 2006.

More about Wakefield

Headquartered in Pelham, New Hampshire and with support from channel partners, sales teams, and manufacturing across the globe. Wakefield Thermal Solutions, ISO 9001:2000 certified, has been excelling and will continue to succeed in not only offering thermal solutions, but in all sorts of industry. Our resources with our subsidiary companies allow us not only to compliment our products, but also make the buying process for a variety of difficult products that much easier for our customers.

We serve the following industries:

 • Lighting / LED
 • Architectural
 • Transportation
 • Building & construction
 • Medical
 • Marine
 • Hardware / machinery
 • Recreational
 • Computer hardware- racks, enclosures, face plates
 • Military
 • Electrical
 • Solar industries
 • Alternative energy applications

Wakefield Thermal Solutions manufactured products include:

 • Heat sinks- extruded, bonded and swedged fins
 • Heat frames, liquid cold plates, compression clamps and spring assemblies
 • Solar panel frames and assembled components
 • Enclosures, face plates, front panels, computer cabinets
 • Interior and exterior LED lighting
 • Curtain wall, door and window profiles
 • Louvers, heating vents, skylights, walkways and greenhouse structures
 • Awnings, bleachers, railings, furniture, marine docks, and ramps
 • Universal joints
 • Powdered metal gears, over molded components
 • Injection molded components
 • Wedgelocks

Wakefield Headquarters
Corporate Headquarters - Pelham, NH

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