- Techflex, Inc. manufactures a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries. Techflex products are used primarily to protect and harness wires, cables, and hoses from abrasion, high temperature and UV applications. Techflex has led the way in supplying a full range of high quality sleeving solutions and we will work with you to find the right solution. Our full product line is all you need for your cable management needs. 

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F6 Woven WrapF6 Woven Wrap - Techflex's F6-WW utilizes many of the same characteristics as its original F6 split braided sleeving. This includes the easy wrap around design and the extra overlap to enclose around important wires in electronic communication and power systems. The woven construction provides superior elastic flexibility with unbeatable coverage over any harness assembly. Through a unique process, the blend of monofilament and multifilament polyester fibers are formed into a sleeving with memory that causes the sleeve to self-close, and also snap back when opened.  More...

Technical Information

Heavy Duty Expandable Sleeving Advanced Engineering Expandable Sleeving
FLEXO® Super Duty
Gorilla Sleeve
FLEXO® Clean Cut

Metal/Shielding Expandable Sleeving Sleeving Tools & Accessories
Metal Braid
DSN Display Rack

General Purpose Expandable Sleeving Extreme Temperature Sleeving
Clean Cut FR
Thermashield T6
Thermashield Tube

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Cutting & Installation Tools
Display Rack
F6 Tool
Flexo Mounting System
Heatshrink Tubing
Lacing Tape
Measure Sleeving
Diameter Ruler
PowerGrip SB Clamps
Rapid Install Tool
Working with Tape
More about Techflex

BraidersAbout Us

Since 1963, Techflex has been engineering and manufacturing a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries from biomedical and aerospace to wire, hose and cable bundling protection solutions for high performance automotive enthusiasts. Our experience with this broad market, as well as our wide selection of general purpose and high-tech specialty products, has made Techflex the first name in sleeving solutions.

Mission Statement

ISO LogoWe are committed to providing the most advanced products, the widest selections, the most knowledgeable customer service and the best value to our customers.

Customer requirements and global competitiveness are changing the way organizations around the world are doing business. Standardizing our practices into an organized and documented system provides a foundation for our comprehensive quality management programs. ISO 9001-2000 standards have helped us to better serve our customers while improving our quality systems and enabling us to be competitive in the global economy.


With 3 generations and nearly 50 years of family commitment and experience, Techflex has consistently been at the forefront of our unique industry. From our start in an unused garage, with only a handful of ideas and products, we've grown and evolved into a reliable and trusted global resource, with the most complete and comprehensive product line in the industry and a worldwide reputation for innovation, product excellence and outstanding customer service.

William E. Dermody Jr. (1919-2004), the founder of Techflex, walked on many continents as a field service engineer for Curtiss Wright Aircraft Company. He saw men land on the moon and was inspired to create many products we still produce today. His principals are alive today in our company and we thank him for setting us on a path of product innovation, customer friendships, and cautious and sustainable growth. Under the guidance of his son, William Dermody, III, now President of Techflex, we have become stronger and larger while avoiding the unsound strategies that are plaguing so many companies today.

While traditional in structure, Techflex is proud to be the most technologically advanced in our industry. Our investments in technology keep our costs low for our customers and our service and information levels high. From our state of the art inventory tracing system to our product testing and information systems, Techflex puts it all at your fingertips. This increased efficiency helps our customers in reduced lead times, lower inventory levels, and achieve greater customization for reduced handling.

The moon landing generation overcame great challenges to make their dreams reality. Today’s generation at Techflex has just as lofty aspirations to overcome today’s challenges and create products today to fuel tomorrows innovation.
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