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- Staco Energy Products Co. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of variable transformers in the United States. Since 1937, Staco Energy Products has been a pioneer in design and construction of both standard and specialized variable transformers, AC voltage control, sophisticated power conditioners and UPS equipment. 

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Variable TransformersVariable Transformers - Staco Energy offers variable transformers in bench-top and panel-mount models. These variable transformers have many industrial and laboratory applications as basic components to control voltage, current, power, heat, speed, light and electromechanical force. Staco research has developed design features and proprietary processes to provide longer lasting, more reliable products. Particularly important is the high-temperature foundation material bonding the coil securely to the core assembly.  More...

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Staco Energy Headquarters Staco Energy Products Company is one of the longest lasting innovators of Power Quality and Voltage Control technologies in the world.

In an industry where companies come and go, Staco Energy continues to provide the reliability and continuity you need. We support products we made three months ago, we support products we made thirty years ago. And yes, they are still in use all over the world.

Staco Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Components Corporation of America (CCA) located in Dallas, Texas. CCA is a privately held corporation and is currently seeking acquisition of companies and product lines.
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