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- In today's business, the availability of high quality components at a competitive cost is essential to your success. Soberton, Inc. has assembled a team of hard working professionals, both in the United States and Asia.

The goal of every member of this team is to provide exceptional value to every customer. By keeping our team independent of any manufacturer, we are free to source the best provider for every need. This assures Flexibility, Availability, and Affordability for every product and every customer. This commitment to Quality and Value are the keystones to Soberton's success. 

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ST-0402 Series TransducerST-0402 Series Transducer - Soberton’s ST-0402 series transducer is the new buzz in the audio industry with its 4 x 4 x 2 mm size. This is the smallest indicator/buzzer currently offered in their extensive audible line, and Soberton is one of the few suppliers capable of making anything this downsized. It offers a low-profile (2 mm) small-size transducer that is perfect for any tight-space applications.  More...

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Soberton Buzzer Manufacturing Process

Sample Drive Circuits

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Piezo Circuit
Piezo Circuit

Chip 8051
Chip 8051
More About Soberton, Inc.

Soberton, Inc. is a subsidiary of Soberton International based in Hong Kong, China. Established in 1998, Soberton International has grown to be a leader in electronic professional acoustic components.

Magnetic transducers, Piezoelectric buzzers, and electret condenser microphones are the primary products produced by the plant in Xiamen, China and supported by offices in Hong Kong; Bangkok, Thailand; and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Soberton, Inc.
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